What Tech Does the Online Casino Industry Use?


Technology has been at the forefront of the online entertainment industry for decades. It is an integral part of the industry, which was estimated to be worth around $18.3 billion in 2021, and expects continued growth forecasts year on year for the foreseeable future. In 2022, many people use smartphones to access online casinos. The convenience of 24/7 access to high-class gambling facilities from the comfort of a customer’s own home has led to explosive growth in this market. At present, modern online casinos are seeking to incorporate the latest technology into their operations to improve the customer experience further and offer a gaming experience that mimics that of the best traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. This article describes three key uses of tech in the online casino industry. 

Encryption Technology

When gamblers play at a real money casino, they want to be reassured that their financial details are safe from potential acts of cybercrime or the fraudulent activities of hackers. It is vitally important that online casinos adopt comprehensive data security measures to protect sensitive information, such as bank details, account numbers, and other personal data. Gamblers need to deposit and withdraw money at a casino site in an encrypted environment to keep their data safe. Casinos do this by offering SSL encryption methods when transactions take place online. This ensures that details cannot be read if they were intercepted and, therefore, provides a secure environment for such transactions to take place. If you plan to play at online casinos, it is vital to check that the site uses SSL encryption. One way to check is to look for the padlock icon next to the web address, as this indicates that the site uses encryption. 

Advanced Analytics

Another way online casinos harness the power of the latest technology is by investing in advanced analytics. They do this as a prime way to understand customer behavior and playing habits in their online casino. Data is collected on a wide range of subjects, from how often certain machines or games are played to analysing site traffic throughout a set period. By collecting a large volume of data, information scientists can draw out key insights that allow online casinos to adapt their offerings to the consumer. Promotions can be tailored to specific demographics of players to retain them and encourage repeat visits to the site. Machines and games may change over time to provide the best range of popular games based on user behavior.

New Currencies

In the early days of online casinos, the currency that could be played with was likely to be the currency of the country the casino was run from. There would have been a lack of other currency options for gamblers to choose from. Today, many online casinos offer a range of currency options that include the latest cryptocurrencies as forms of payment. Utilizing these latest forms of tech currency presents an attractive option for customers, as receiving any withdrawals in this format allows them to trade with forms of crypto, such as Bitcoin. As the market for crypto currencies tends to be highly volatile, this introduces an additional gambling opportunity. The value of certain cryptocurrencies can change dramatically in a short period and can potentially lead to other opportunities.


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