What You Need to Know About Apple Recycle Program

Apple Recycle Program

Many old cellular phones and all other electronic gadgets that people no longer use collect dust in cabinets, waiting to be recycled or disposed of. Not to mention, they contain lots of personal information (read more), making it difficult to let them go. But for some, like any piece of garbage, they throw their old cell phones that will eventually end up in landfills.   With the outturn of improper waste disposal becoming more prominent and visible, waste management remains a challenge in many parts of the world. The world generates waste of about 1.3 billion tons yearly, and it is increasing at an alarmingly rapid rate, and it is not just the highly promulgated single-used plastic cups and straws responsible for this. Still, Americans also discard more than 400,000 cell phones every day, for a total of 151.8 million cell phones in one year. In fact, E-waste is an example of waste that was made to resist decomposition. While they might take forever to decompose, various electronic recycling programs are available— especially for Apple products and Apple Recycle Program. 

 Apple Recycle Program

E-Waste And Recycling- Apple Recycle Program

When our smartphones and other tech products cannot deliver their function, what do we do? Many of us either toss them in the trash or sell them for a low price at a yard sale.

E-waste is an old/discarded electronic product like TVs, DVD players, computers, cellphones, etc., that is not working or not useful anymore. As more and more electronic waste is being disposed of in landfills, it is becoming a bigger problem for this generation. With that in mind, this e-waste can release toxic materials over time to the soil, water, and air. In turn, it leads to harmful effects on human health and threatens the environment. But honestly, we do not give much thought to recycling our old or unused electronic devices, do we? 

Apple has developed a commendable Recycling Program, in addition to its pledge to manufacture products entirely from recycled materials. You can trade in your old device in exchange for a gift card to the Apple Store. However, if your device is no longer eligible for credit, through the Apple recycle program, they will recycle your old technology at no cost to you. Apple is currently accepting iPad and iPhone SE (1st generation) and newer models. You can still send it to them, but you will not be getting any trade-in credit. 

Also, the good news for android users is that you can also send your non-apple products to refurbish or recycle your unit based on the condition of the equipment you give.

Apple’s recycling program is a fantastic way to make some extra money from old devices that are no longer useful to you and do great for the environment. There are more than 100 million Apple users in the United States, but let me tell you, tons of their devices are being abandoned. It is no surprise that Apple has released many versions of its products each year. 

As a result, even if you do not receive trade-in compensation, Apple recycles electronics, preserving previous components and contributing to a reduction in the global environmental footprint. If it is an old iPhone, it could even be sent to Apple’s assembly machine, which would allow for the most efficient recovery of all components used.

How To Recycle My Apple Device?

Recycling your Apple product is relatively simple and straightforward. But it is crucial to be really careful. Here are the few steps you can follow, according to Apple:


  • First Off, Backup Your Device

If you plan to trade, sell, or give your Apple device away, make sure to back up its files first. You can use iCloud (link: https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/how-to-back-up-your-iphone-not-enough-icloud-storage/), iTunes, or any other apps so you won’t lose any of your essential data. This is one of the most critical steps in file storing because if ever something happens, you will be able to save your files from a system crash or hard drive failure. You can also export your contacts from iCloud.


  • Erase All the Data

Now that identity theft is getting more prevalent due to cyber issues. It is crucial to remove all the data from your device before disposal. In 2020, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) recorded 78 data breaches related to “physical attacks,” with 52 percent of them stemming from device theft and inappropriate disposal. In fact, identity theft has affected almost 1 in 20 Americans each year, and the total fraud losses have reached nearly $17 billion.


Although Apple ensures that your data would be safe and be erased completely, it is better to be sure than never. Or, if you are transacting with other companies that offer recycling programs, too, it is best to ensure that all your data is backed up and erased from your old device. 


  • Shipping Process

Lastly, you will have to ship your device to the company that provides the recycling program. 



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