Where Can You Find the Rankings of League of Legends Teams?

League of Legends Teams

Today, eSports is booming. Thanks to the mode of self-isolation, many people have found an outlet in computer network games. Some League of Legends fans have long since learned how to make extra money betting on top teams. By the way, there are a lot of sites that provide such services. Knowing the team rankings, results and stats will help to make the right prediction for any match. Avoid Internet Scams follow the Guest Posting as we provides you most updated technology news.

This rating is a list that includes professional LoL eSports teams from different regions and countries performing in tournaments and championships.

Top LoL teams:

  1. FunPlus Phoenix (LPL)
  2. G2 Esports (LEC)
  3. Royal Never Give Up (LPL)
  4. Top Esports (LPL)
  5. Kingzone DragonX (LCK)
  6. Fnatic (LEC).

After this year’s extremely successful 2021 World Championship, the competition intensified even more. Some of the more established organizations did not. Therefore, we will see some new faces in the competition that may surprise us. A large list of League of Legends eSports teams can be found at https://getesports.net/en/lol-teams/.

The Most Famous League of Legends Teams

League of Legends celebrity teams has come a long and difficult way to become successful. We want to tell you about the most famous clubs that have won international fame and made it to the top of our ranking. Each team’s story is exemplary and can serve as an example for aspiring players who dream to build a career as professional eSportsmen.


The T1 team from South Korea was founded in 2014. It seems that these guys decided to prove to the whole planet that they should be the number 1 in the world. And it has to be said that they are succeeding. Holders of several world titles, T1 doesn’t seem to recognize failure. Their opponents are constantly on edge because the slightest mistake could cause T1 to take over the game, and if they do, they won’t rest until they destroy the enemy Nexus. Surely such a worthy cyber squad deserves mention on our list.

Royal Never Gives Up

A team of professional players from China called Royal Never Give Up was formed in 2015. RNGU was quickly enough able to become a favorite in its region and win the love of not only Chinese fans but also fans of eSports from around the world. Today, this team is one of the strongest, proving it with victories in prestigious championships.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming is a team that was formed in China in 2011. At the moment, the roster is composed of both Chinese and South Korean players. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best organizations that ever played in the League of Legends. Just look at the winning stats and the list of titles to see for yourself.

Predictions for LoL – What to Look For?

First of all, it must be taken into account that the team’s rating consists of a couple of prominent factors. The coherence of the team’s game affects the safety net between the players during critical situations and the speed of development of each character. Each individual player’s psychological and physical readiness is the key to a successful result, since in matches at the highest level, every action count, up to leaving the lane for a few seconds. A correct forecast for LoL cannot be made without taking into account the events of recent tournaments and, the change in the team’s playing style, information about how the style of play is related to the style of different opponents.

Since it is possible to ban certain playable champions in most tournaments, the forecaster needs to thoroughly analyze the teams and determine which characters will be closed. As a rule, players close the strongest champions of the opponent.

League of Legends requires a fast speed of analysis from the players themselves and the forecasters since the situation changes very quickly, and you need to react instantly. A losing team can come back simply because of a powerful artifact purchased by one character and a group attack on opponents.


Players often choose live betting on the bookmaker’s website because it’s easier to predict the outcome of an LoL match as it progresses. This is where knowing the League of Legends teams and their position in the rankings will help. Again, the bookmaker organizes live competitions on the web resource, which also helps to make an accurate prediction.



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