Which Industries Benefit the Most from APIs 


Application Programming Interfaces (usually referred to as ‘APIs’), are the heartbeat of the tech industry. Without them, modern communication and connectivity wouldn’t be what it is today. 

  • The Amazon and Google platforms would have fewer features. 
  • Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps would be very limited in what they could offer.

Essentially, APIs are the glue that allows applications to communicate with each other; exchanging and receiving all kinds of important data. Think of APIs as the hardworking middle man that makes things simple for everyone – that’s essentially how it is. 

In addition to the APIs, there are API gateways. If you want to, you can read about what is api gateway and how they interact with API calls. 

So, which industries benefit the most from APIs? Truthfully, there isn’t an industry on the planet that doesn’t. Well, maybe a couple don’t, but you get the idea. Let’s take a closer look at which industries in particular benefit from APIs: 


These days, almost everyone is shopping online

For example, according to Statista, 263 million Americans shop online regularly – which is almost 80% of the entire population of the US. No doubt, you’re probably one of these people. 

When it comes to online stores, APIs help companies, and their customers keep track of shipments; ensuring that packages arrive safely and very rarely get lost. In addition to this, APIs are also used by online retailers to keep inventory and supplies, which is a big key behind their success. 

Notably, you can now buy products from sites like eBay using online banking, right? This is because of APIs, as they eliminate the tedious process of you having to leave the website to do everything directly through your bank.


The gaming industry is heavily reliant on APIs. 

APIs enable players to receive important data, access their in-game analytics, subscribe to programs (such as the PlayStation Network), and much more. 

Essentially, multiplayer gaming wouldn’t have the capabilities it currently has without APIs.  

APIs are especially important to the Call of Duty franchise, as COD fans are very passionate about their stats. After all, it’s a very competitive franchise. 

Social Media

Social media – it’s everywhere. No matter where you go, people are always scrolling through their Instagram and Twitter feeds. Essentially, it’s become part and parcel of everyday life. 

API technology in the world of social media ensures that people can easily create their own posts and gain access to everything they need. When you log into any social media account, you’ll get asked to verify your identity if you have two-factor authentication turned on. This is all thanks to the log-in API, which makes life incredibly easy for people who want to log in fast whilst also keeping their accounts protected from hackers.

Plus, APIs also allow developers to incorporate their own applications onto the platforms without any problems. For example, Facebook has tons of games (like 8-ball pool) and additional apps that are available to use for account holders. 

Streaming Services

Popular streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus are all reliant on API technology. This technology enables tons of cool features, such as movie recommendations based on your previous search history as well as shows and movies you’ve watched. 


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