why choose unrivaled prepaid sim card

unrivaled prepaid sim

With so many different plans for prepaid carriers in Singapore, one might wonder what the best choice is. If you are looking for a carrier with extensive coverage in Singapore, look no further than M1’s unrivaled prepaid sim card.

Every carrier promises to have good coverage––but when it comes down to it, we don’t all receive service equally. Overwhelmingly, M1 has the widest and most efficient reach of any of Singapore’s telecommunications companies: it covers more than 99% of the population and 95% of roads. Compared to Singtel and Starhub––who only cover about 96% and 92% respectively––M1 seems like an obvious choice. There aren’t too many places that you aren’t passing through; if you’re in Singapore, you’re covered.

Even if you are visiting for the weekend, an unrivaled prepaid sim card comes with free incoming calls and texts. That way, your loved ones can get a hold of you even when you aren’t able to answer or call them. If they try to contact you while traveling abroad (this is for visitors, after all), there are no additional roaming fees. An added bonus for those who have been to Singapore only once or twice before: the prepaid card will work in 34 other countries as well.

For those of us who struggle with a streak of wanderlust, M1’s prepaid plan is especially appealing. As long as you recharge your prepaid sim card every month, you can keep your phone number for up to three months after you leave Singapore. There is no fee for doing this, which is great news for anyone who keeps their overseas plans longer than anticipated.

M1’s prepaid plan even puts the rest of the carriers to shame when it comes to internet access. With M1 Prepaid, you get 20GB of data over 30 days at 3G speeds with no cap on how much you use––therefore avoiding additional fees if you decide to go above and beyond your allowed data usage. Though some carriers offer similar deals, most require that users sign up for separate mobile internet services within their carrier in order to “enhance” their mobile plan. That means more money out of your pocket for the internet you may not even need.

This is all further proof that M1’s prepaid sim card is the best choice for anyone who needs a comfortable, reliable phone line in Singapore. M1 has built its reputation on being top-notch within the telecommunications industry––and now it extends this same dedication to providing an unbeatable prepaid plan.

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Make sure that your friends and family in Singapore are always able to reach you by checking out M1 Prepaid. With coverage like this, it’s no wonder that the network has been voted Singapore’s Best Network for six years in a row.

If you’re looking for an unrivaled prepaid sim card in Singapore , then turn your attention to M1’s incredible offers. Now is the perfect time to check them out, especially if you’re moving here soon since they just released their latest special offer: $19 SIM cards with free 20 GB of 3G data!



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