Esports enjoy great popularity all over the world. There are professional gamers who make a living playing the game. But it takes more than meets the eye. You need a good strategy, skill, and steady nerves.- ESPORTS ARE SO POPULAR Just like in the game betchan.com/en-NZ

Every year, several competitions are held in different genres. It is not just the prize money that is appealing. But rather the will to win and to show one’s skills. Although the players sometimes seem very calm while playing, they are not. A thousand thoughts and calculations run through their heads. Surveys and studies have been trying for some time to answer the question of why esports is so popular. Experts believe they have finally found the answer. It is the social component combined with technology that makes it so fascinating. 

The most popular events are the FIFAe World Cup, the VCT Challengers Champion Tour, the Rocket League World Championships, and the League of Legends World Championship. These are just a few examples. They all have the same thing in common. They enjoy a large audience. Every year they are held and attract more and more people. This sport is on the rise. And no one knows where it will lead. As you can see, it is definitely worth playing more on your console. Who knows, maybe one day you will become a professional gamer too. 


The numbers speak for themselves. In 2020, global revenues reached more than $947 million. In 2021, they grew to $1,084 million. In 2024, they are expected to rise further to more than $1,617 million. There is no end in sight.

The growth of the market is also reflected in the high number of active esports competitors.

In 2021, the U.S. will be in the first place. They far surpass other countries. They count 3,629 active players. Followed by China, which counts 1,004 players. Russia is in third place with 938 players. In fourth place is France with 915, so Esports is by far the most popular in the US. Not surprisingly, there are several competitions. But what has led to this rise? Mainly in the developed world, which was shaped by the invention of the smartphone. Now online games, in general, have become more and more in demand. Another reason is the lower cost of producing video games. So people can afford more. The same is true for consoles. Also, the ability to connect with friends via WI-FI and play together even though you are not together was in demand, especially during the pandemic.  


With the growing market and several games to try. Here are some suggestions.

In terms of different genres, these games can satisfy you. 

First is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is a shooter where you can play with other people. The second is League of Legends. Good tactics will lead your team to victory.  The goal is to destroy the other group’s base and have a better strategy. 

All gamers know Fortnite. If you have not tried it yet, that is your sign. There is no need to describe its popularity. 

If you have tried all three games, new games are waiting for you.


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