Why every traveler should have a driver’s license ?

a driver's license

They make life easier and expand your options. Don’t start the outrage, we don’t urge everyone to own a car (we urge everyone to own a bike, skates, or worst of all, a scooter), but we just want to tell you how important a driver’s license is to those who want to see the world outside the big cities.

Travel made wider by rights

The ability to rent a car (or drive your own) will greatly expand and diversify any journey: you can close the main road and go where there are no tourists. Or convenient access to popular attractions without the annoying tourist environment.

Leaving the main road means entering the life and real-world of the area. This way you can gain a general impression of the country by mingling with locals, dining in small towns and villages, meeting animals, and unexpected sights and events along the way.

Empowerment planning: You can use more travel options and choose the one that best suits the country, region, and purpose of your trip. There are places where it is better and cheaper to fly, there are cheap bus routes all over the country, there are places where you can take a Bla Bla Car or hitchhike, and there are places where it is easier and faster to rent a car.

There is no connection to time and transport

The plane at six in the morning or the bus at half-past midnight? When traveling by car, you have only your own plans and are not dependent on bus, train, and plane timetables. This allows you to spend your day the way you want, rather than rushing to stop where you want. Never miss the sunset outside the bus window again!

Who can get a license in the Philippines

Generally speaking, in most states, a citizen of that country or an immigrant with a green card can issue a driver’s license. Even if you have a recognized international driver’s license Philippines, it makes sense to consider getting your rights in your state of residence. One state driver’s license is recognized nationally, however, if you move to another state, you may need to change your license to a local one.

International students can obtain a local driver’s license during their studies. To register, students must contact their local DMV office. The procedure may vary depending on the state, but the main steps are as follows:


  • Wait 10 days upon arrival in the country to allow time for the information on the I94 form to be updated in all government systems;
  • Obtain an SSN (Social Security Number) if the state requires SSN for entitlement registration;
  • Contact the DMV office with the file. 

At what age can get a driver’s license?

The minimum age to obtain a driver’s license varies by state. For example, in the Philippines, you can get a license from age 18. 

In addition, in order to obtain a driver’s license, underage drivers must take a driving training course (after the age of 18, the course does not require passing a test in some cases). Classes are usually held at DMV-licensed specialty centers, at home, and at educational institutions.

Typically, drivers under the age of 18 will be issued a temporary limited license. Restrictions also vary by state.

 No attachment to fellow travelers

Take road trips for example – a dream and a reality for any traveler. However, if you don’t have a driver’s license, you’ll have to pick up your peers from someone who can drive. Two problems arise here:

For you, the fact that a traveling companion will have rights is primary, not what he will become. You run the risk of traveling with someone you’re not interested in, in an enclosed space, maybe even for a long time. Not all friendly companies can tolerate this, so be prepared for the hard things.

You don’t have to be a ballast. Otherwise, next time your licensed friend will refuse to go with you: why would he ride you if you’re bored (don’t play or chat in the car), don’t organize anything (don’t book a hotel, don’t go with Airbnb landlord negotiation), no cooking, etc. The most unpleasant thing about road trips is a boring ballast that can’t be put behind the wheel.

Also, don’t forget: the more extensive your program is, the harder it is in principle to find a partner that’s right for you, especially rights.

You don’t have to carry everything with you

It’s not even worth explaining how enjoyable it is to put things in your suitcase and only remember them when you get to the next hotel.


When you have a driver’s license and rent a car, you can change plans spontaneously. The owner of the apartment told the cool nature reserve? Great, you can go tomorrow. It has started to rain, are you going to stay for a few days? Pack your bags and move on. Without a license, you’ll spend your precious vacation sitting in a hotel or strolling in the rain.

Savings and impressions

You might not live in the city center, but rent a room in a cheap hotel on the outskirts or even in a neighboring town, live in nature in an unusual place, or even pitch a tent somewhere on a picturesque river bank – which can go a long way. Lower the cost of any trip… Plus, if you divide the cost of gas by four people, the sport is going to be a budget even in Europe.

Ability to substitute a driver

If you have a driver’s license then you can always help your driver and replace him. This invaluable knowledge of the entire traveler company will be calmer. When there is only one driver, he is the main driver by default: he needs to be placed in the best room, take care of his condition, and don’t let him accidentally drink too much. This will eventually lead to outrage across the company, especially if the driver starts abusing his privileges.



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