Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage


You may notice the WMI provider host high CPU usage in the task manager. It allows computer applications to fetch and request information about other programs.

This process must run smoothly for windows OS. This process shouldn’t use many resources, but many PC users complain about WMI using most of their system resources. They’ve noticed their PC becoming hot and slow.

Usually, we prefer to turn off the service, but turning off will force much software to misbehave and also WMI Provider Host is an important service. Without WmiPrvSE.exe, all Windows programs, including system applications and installed programs, couldn’t be managed.

wmi provider host

What is WMI Provider Host High CPU USAGE

WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation Provider is windows OS allow the different programs to communicate and running various applications on windows. The developer uses the WMI Provider Host for Monitoring Purposes.

If this process stops, most of the window’s functionalities will become useless. Without this service, many programs stop working due to the lack of information, and application cannot run. Even users do not get any notification when errors happen.

Why is the WMI Provider Host using so many CPU resources?

During normal operation, it doesn’t use a lot of CPU resources. It usually uses 1% or 2% of your computer when it receives a request from other programs.

While WMI provider host uses high CPU resources, it faces some issues like the unresponsive program; the CPU gets hot, slow to start a new program.

 Well, you can fix the WMI provider host high CPU usage issue by yourself. All you have to follow the following method, one by one until the WMI provider host high CPU usage, is relieved.

Solution 1: Scan and Remove Virus, Malware

Sometimes viruses or malware are the reason for high CPU usages. If there is any malicious application is running behind, your PC can also make high CPU usage.

Install the latest and licensed antivirus software or use the Advanced System Repair tool to scan and remove such malicious applications. Then repair the damages done by viruses.

Solution 2: Restart WMI Provider Host

Another way to solve the problem is restarting the WMI service. By resetting the WMI service, you mostly fix the problem.

Follow the steps to restart the WMI service.

  • To open the run window, press the Windows+R key.
  • Now type services .msc in the Run window and hit enter.


  • Now you can see the service window find Windows Management Instrumentation Service in the list and right-click on it and restart it.

wmi provider host high cpu

The majority of people will fix the WMI high CPU usage error. You may also like:

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Solution 3: Restart Other Associated Services with WMI

  • Firstly search cmd or command prompt in your search box. You will see the command prompt application. Just right click on the application a select run as administrator.

wmi provider host high cpu

  • In command prompt window type following command and hit enter after each one.

net stop iphlpsvc

net stop wscsvc

net stop Winmgmt

net start Winmgmt

net start wscsvc

net start iphlpsvc


  • Now restart the PC. And check CPU usage in the task manager.

Solution 4: Troubleshoot the issue in Safe Mode

This is another excellent method to fix WMI provider host high CPU usage using troubleshooting in safe mode. For this troubleshooting, you must restart your PC in Safe mode with networking.

Follow the steps to restart your pc in safe mode and fix the issue

  • Open run window by pressing windows+R key.
  • Now type msconfig in the Run window and click on the OK button.

wmiprvse.exe wmi provider host

  • Now switch to the Boot tab and checkmark  Safe boot in the checkbox and select Network radio button: Click Apply and OK to save.

wmiprvse.exe high cpu

  • Now click on the restart to enter safe mode.

wmi provider host high cpu windows 10

  • When PC restarts in safe mode, press windows +X key and then choose Windows PowerShell(Admin).
  • Now type following command in power shell window and press enter.

             msdt.exe -id MaintenanceDiagnostic

wmi service

  • You will see System Maintenance Troubleshooter pop up click on the next button to start troubleshooting.

what is iphlpsvc

  • If troubleshooter finds some problem, then run the following command in power shell to fix them.

               msdt.exe /id PerformanceDiagnostic

wmi host provider

  • Now you will see the performance window appear to click next to repair the error.

what is wmiprvse.exe

  • When your troubleshooting is done successfully, you need to boot in normal mode. For that Open Run window and type msconfig and click on OK. Now go to the boot tab and untick Safe boot option and click Apply and OK.
  • Restart your computer into normal mode.

Solution 5: Uninstall Components and Drivers Causing the Problem using Event Viewer

One of the causes is faulty components and drivers. You may want to uninstall them from your PC. 

You can use Event Viewer to diagnose:

  • Press windows+X key and select Event Viewer option.


  • Now click on the view button and select Show Analytic and Debug Logs.

what is wmiprsve exe

  • Now navigate to the left pane, follow the path by double-clicking on them: Applications and Service Logs > Microsoft > Windows > WMI Activity > Operational log.
  • Now you can see some error. Now select error under Operational and in General tab look for the ClientProcessId for that particular service.

wmi provider host windows 10

  • Now we need just to disable the Process Id of the particular service causing High CPU usage to fix the problem.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together to open Task Manager.
  • Now navigate to the service tab and look for the process ID. When you locate such a process, you can either uninstall the program or disable its service. 

wmi service repair

You must download and install drivers only from trustworthy sources.


By following the method and steps, you have successfully Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage on Windows 10. Hopefully, the methods we’ve covered here will help you to solve the problem. If you have any suggestions to make or any questions to ask, feel free to comment down below.


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