3 Best Way to WOW Item Restoration

3 Best Way to WOW Item Restoration

WOW Item Restoration:-World Of Warcraft, commonly referred to as WoW, is an action-packed role-playing MMO game that was released back in the year 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is probably the most popular game in the entire MMO genre that offers a massively multiplayer experience filled with intense action and strategies. Most of the other MMO games that are in the market manage to deliver a unique and satisfying experience only in a couple of aspects, but on the other hand, World Of Warcraft manages to excel at everything.

3 Best Way to WOW Item Restoration

It is truly the most polished and visually appealing game that you can find on today’s date. The game itself is well designed, the developers have definitely put in a lot of work to bring the game this far. It currently has the largest player base compared to any other MMO role-playing game in the market. Players from all around the world have invested thousands of hours and real cash in order to acquire useful items from the game shop.

There are actually quite a lot of people who have spent an exorbitant amount of money in the game in order to get the top tier gear and items for their desired characters. However, as the saying goes, nothing is perfect in this imperfect world. Recently, there have been a lot of times where players lost certain items all of sudden, items that took several hours of grinding and tons of money have disappeared from their inventory for no apparent reason. Don’t worry you can easily do WOW Item Restoration.

If you have been playing World Of Warcraft for a long time, then chances are, you have been in such situations where certain items from your inventory vanished. If that’s the case, then you have come to the right place. item restore wow is very easy you can do in a couple of minutes by following the instructions. Today, in this article, we’re going to guide you through the process of restoring items in the World of Warcraft game. Lets us dive to wow item restoration.

Why Restore An Item In World Of Warcraft?

World Of Warcraft is an intense game where you will get to fight off monsters and take on several quests in order to earn rewards in return. The reason which makes World Of Warcraft stand out from its competitors is the ability to create your own character equipped with rare items to gain full control over the character. There are absolutely no restrictions or limitations when it comes to character customization in this game. The extreme customization feature is something that you don’t get to see much in other games nowadays.

Players have spent thousands of hours and hefty amounts of money in order to get their hands on the top tier items and stuff that are available in the game. Having the top tier items equipped will definitely give you an edge in the battle and overall helps in winning the matches. There are certain items in the game that cannot be acquired without spending real money from your wallet.

For example, there are tons of rare items that are quite useful if you equip them for your character. This is where the catch is, players are required to spend real money in order to acquire rare items. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult for free to play players to compete against those who have paid real money and acquired rare items. If you’re one of those players that have spent several hours grinding to get your hands on the best items in the game, then congrats.

But the bad news is that the items that you spent a large amount of hours to earn, may disappear in a blink of an eye without your knowledge. Recently, several players have reported the very same thing in the community. Therefore, we’ve decided to come up with an article showing how you can easily restore items in the World Of Warcraft in case if you ever lose items in the game in the future without any reason.

How To Restore Items In World Of Warcraft

The developers are already aware of this issue as more and more players are encountering the wow item restoration issue. This might happen to any player in the game, there’s not much info available on the web as to why it is happening. There could be a lot of reasons behind this issue which we are yet to discover. But for now, you can follow the below-mentioned solutions in case items start disappearing from your inventory in the game. Follow the methods to item recovery wow.

There are multiple methods for item restoration wow, all of them are mentioned in the below list. You may proceed with any of the methods for wow item restoration, however, in certain cases, you might have to perform more than one solution or all the below-mentioned methods to get your items back in the game. So, let’s go ahead and dive into the solution without wasting any further time.

3 Best Way to WOW Item Restoration

Method #1:- Use Blizzard’s Restore Feature To Get Back Your Items

Recently Blizzard has launched an official service that will help you in restoring the lost items in World of Warcraft game. Here  we can use blizzard item restoration. In case if you have accidentally destroyed a useful item or disenchanted, then you may use this service to get it back without any issue. It is the best way to wow item restore. However, it’s important to have your account inactive and good standing, otherwise, the service may not work for you.

This is probably the simplest and easiest way to restore items in the World Of Warcraft game without getting your hands sweaty. Go ahead and perform the below-mentioned steps properly to restore items that are lost, destroyed or disenchanted accidently in the game,

  1. First of all, you need to visit the official web page of Blizzard where the Restore service is available. Go ahead and click on this link to access the web page using a web browser on your PC.
  2. On the web page, you will find a blue option that says “Begin Item Restoration Process“. Simply locate the option and click to begin the item restoration process for the World Of Warcraft game.wow restore item
  3. Note: –You will have to first login to your Blizzard in order to get started. In case, if you have already logged into your Blizzard account, then you will be redirected to the restoration page.
  4. After landing on the restoration page, you will be asked to select the character and item that you accidentally lost or destroyed in the game. Go ahead, choose your desired character from the list and the item that you wish to be restored in the game.restore item wow
  5. Make sure to select items that you had in your account, and click on the “Continue” option on the web page to proceed further in the restoration process.
  6. Now you will be redirected to the confirmation page where you will have to confirm the restoration of the selected items. Once again, check if the items that you have selected are correct and click on the “Restore” option on the web page.

That’s it, within a few seconds, the items that you lost or accidentally destroyed will arrive in your game’s mailbox from where you can claim them. Enjoy!

Sometimes, it might take more than a few minutes for the lost items to appear in your game’s mailbox. Make sure to check in the game after a couple of hours. Since this is an official method as per Blizzard, it should definitely work. However, If you still don’t find your items in the game, then proceed to the next method.

Important Info:- Please keep in mind that you cannot make use of this service whenever you want. There are restrictions when it comes to the usage of this service. Make sure to read the following conditions before trying out the service.

  • You can use the Item Restoration service of Blizzard only once in every 15 days. Also, your Blizzard account should be in good standing and active in order to use this service.
  • The service helps you in restoring items that have been lost or destroyed accidentally by you in the game. So, the materials that you earned before destroying the item will be removed by the system itself.
  • Also, your account should have all the necessary materials in order to restore an item. If you don’t have the necessary materials equipped with your character, then this service wouldn’t work.

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Method #2:- Restore Items By Fixing A Delete Character In The Game

In case if the item that you’re trying to restore is in a character, then you can do so simply by using the Undelete option in the game. Please keep in mind that this method is only helpful for restoring items that are in the character. You may follow the below-mentioned steps to restore the deleted items in your game.

  1. Launch the game on your PC and head over to the Character Customization screen to proceed.
  2. Now click on the Circular arrow located beside the Create a New character option on your screen.
  3. On the next screen, you will find a list of characters that can be restored in the game.
  4. You just have to select the character that you want to restore from the list and click on “Circular Arrow Button”
  5. Done!! The character will be available in your inventory within a few seconds.

Note:- This method will not work if you’re trying to wow item restoration or characters that you destroyed in the game. Also, you should have enough space for the character in your inventory in order to restore it using the above-mentioned steps.

The requirements to use this feature are mentioned below. Make sure the following requirements are met for restoring a lost or destroyed character in the game.

  • Certain characters such as Lv. 98 Demon Hunter, Lv. 55 Death Knight and other characters below level 10 cannot be restored using this method.
  • You will have 90 days to restore an Lv. 10-29 character after its deletion in the game. And the characters that are between level 39-49 and 99-100 can be restored within 120 days time frame after their deletion in the game.
  • Lastly, the characters that are above 50 levels can be restored at any time using this method.

Method 3#:- Contact Customer Support Of Blizzard

If the item that you want to restore is stackable, then the above-mentioned methods will not work for you. In such cases, it’s advised to seek help from the customer support by opening a ticket for wow classic item restoration. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to open up a ticket for restoring stackable items.

  1. Visit the official customer support page of Blizzard using a web browser on your PC.
  2. Select the Ticket option on the web page and you will be redirected to a new page.
  3. Make sure to fill the required details as character information, realm, and the name of the item that you want to be restored in the game.
  4. Keep in mind that the information you’re providing here should be as accurate as possible.
  5. You can also attach an image if you want and hit the Send option on the web page to create a ticket.

Now you just have to be patient and wait for a reply from the customer support. Also, the items that are not available in the stackable list anymore cannot be restored at this point. Make sure to write a detailed description of the issue in the support ticket and hope for a positive reply from the support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The below list contains a bunch of frequently asked questions that will help in clearing whatever doubts or queries that you may have regarding the World Of Warcraft restoration service and process. In case, if your doubt isn’t listed here, then feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

Q:- What Items can be restored using the Blizzard’s Restore Service?

A:- The restore service can be used only on recent items, it cannot be used to restore old items.

Q:- Can I restore relics that are equipped with a weapon using the Restore service?

A:- Unfortunately, NO! You cannot restore a relic that is equipped to a weapon using the above-mentioned methods of restoration in the World Of Warcraft.

Q:- Can you restore scrapped items WoW?

A:-  Yes, you can restore scrapped items but make sure your char has the crafting materials you obtained.

Q:- How many items can I restore using the Blizzard restore service?

A:- You can restore as many items as you want that have been lost or destroyed accidentally in the game, however, you can use the service only once in every 15 days and your account should have the requirements to use this service.

Players have a lot of other stuff to say about the official restore service of Blizzard.. There have been cases where players were shown an error or server issue screen while trying to restore lost or destroyed items using the above-mentioned method. In case, if you encounter the same issues, then go ahead and seek help from the customer support to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Final Words

So, that’s all we’ve got at the moment and if we find any more information regarding the item restoration process in world of warcraft item restoration, then we’ll update the article. Make sure to book this page to access it quickly in the future as we’ll be updating the article’s new stuff related to the world of warcraft item restoration.

Lastly, if you any further queries or doubts regarding the above methods of wow item restoration, then let us know in the comment section. We’ll be glad to help!!


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