10 Tips on how to make job-seeking more fun


Are you tired of uploading your CV on various job sites again and again? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we offer an excellent compilation of different sources and strategies that will make job-seeking more fun.

  1. Network of contacts or networking:

Only 50% of job offers are visible, leaving 50% hidden. Networking is one of the best tools to access information about the hidden job market and new opportunities. In addition, companies value having positive references from candidates for a position, especially if they come from someone close and trusted.

You can also try unique job portals like Leadar. It is considered one of the most useful tools for finding a job, and therefore, one of the main sources of recruitment. Leadar is USA focused and has over 110 million contacts. 

This site provides multiple search options so that you can easily search for contacts, company details, locations, and much more. Leadar will help you build a solid network and also gain some market insights from people in the sphere.

  1. Self-application or spontaneous application:

It is another effective formula to find out about job offers that do not appear publicly. Most of the companies that make contracts do so through the curriculum vitae that they already have registered in their database. Self-application is especially useful in those cases in which you wish to perform a specific job or are especially interested in working for a specific company.

You can also try making a video resume. The first thing you should do is a script with a structure focused on making the video resume attractive. It is necessary to rehearse several times what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.

Practice in front of a mirror to see that your posture is correct, your face conveys confidence, and that your image is well cared for. Before starting to record, you should be very clear about what you want to explain and how you are going to do it.

  1. Personal brand:

It is increasingly common for companies to attract talent through social networks. This method, which aims to differentiate us from others and achieve a better image on the Internet, can help our job-looking goals.

Building a personal brand requires time and perseverance, and the strategies used to achieve an online reputation that shows us to future employers as good professionals are essential.

Some examples to enhance the work image are creating profiles on ordinary social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and professional ones (LinkedIn), showing knowledge about a specific professional field on a blog or YouTube, and interacting with other people by writing comments on networks, blogs, or forums.

  1. Announcements of job offers:

It is common to find job offers in the media (radio, television, internet, or press), bulletin boards, newsletters, etc. When responding to these advertisements, it is advisable to carefully analyze and examine the requirements, characteristics of the position, company, and type of contract.

  1. Social Networks

The data confirms that more and more companies and recruiters use networks as another method of candidate selection. Many companies use Google to search for candidates. The following social networks are most used for job searches:

– LinkedIn (66%)

– Facebook (50%)

– Google+ (19%)

– Twitter (16%)

  1. Company web pages:

Almost 80% of companies have a website. Normally they have a section to find active job offers and a section to contact and send the curriculum vitae by email or on the website itself.

There are also many temporary employment companies where you can find the ideal job. They are service companies that are dedicated to providing staff to other companies.

  1. Training:

Participation in courses makes it easier to expand our network of contacts, get information about job offers, and offer ideas about new occupations or types of jobs, in addition to acquiring new skills and abilities related to the profession that one wishes to carry out.

Besides, you can find the best jobs through internships and volunteering. These activities allow you to get to know companies, gain practical experience to improve your position in the labor market, as well as assimilate the habits, values ​​, and behaviors that are most in demand and required in the current business context.

  1. Job boards:

Most public institutions open or convene job exchanges to cover their personnel needs. Also, there are private entities (professional associations, associations, unions) that act as intermediaries between supply and demand, so that they put job seekers in contact with different offers from companies through registration on their stock exchange of employment.

You can also approach consultants or personnel selection companies. They are private companies that provide a series of services to other companies, among which may be the selection of personnel. They usually work with highly qualified or very specialized profiles. The final decision of the selection process rests with the contracting company.

There are employment services of public or privately approved entities which carry out labor intermediation tasks. Find out about the agencies that operate in your sphere and visit them. They can come in handy with your needs.

  1. Mobile applications:

The world of work is increasingly linked to new technologies and among them to the apps created for smartphones or tablets. It is one more option that can facilitate the job search, and that is why most job search pages have created applications for mobile phones. 

Mobile applications can be convenient for those who are always traveling yet keep looking for jobs. Instead of carrying your laptop anywhere you go, you can just open an app on your mobile phone and keep up with the latest news from employers.

  1. Personality test:

Personality tests are used by companies to find out the internal side of candidates. Their emotions, initiative, empathy, and leadership capacity are some of the aspects that organizations seek to discover in this type of test. The usual thing in this type of test is to answer a series of questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. However, some tests seek a free response from the candidates.

That’s it for this guide on top 10 tips on how to make job-seeking more fun. We hope this guide will help you find your desired job.



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