3 Popular American Pastimes


America is a vast country with a diverse range of environments that encompass its fifty separate states. It is known as the “land of the free and home of the brave” and its inhabitants are known to enjoy an exceptionally high standard of living, with average wages above those found in less developed countries. Currently, the population of America stands at over 335 million people making it the third most inhabited country behind India and China. The high standard of living enjoyed by many Americans allows them to indulge in a range of hobbies and pastimes when not at work. This article describes three of the most popular American pastimes in detail.

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Watching Tv

American citizens regard watching television as one of their most enjoyable pastimes and a study indicated that 50% of the average American’s leisure time is spent watching TV. America is home to a range of high-quality broadcasting networks, such as FOX, HBO, and other channels. Their content is not only enjoyed by Americans but also millions of English-speaking people around the world. TV series, such as Game of Thrones, enjoyed worldwide audiences of over 44 million and are a testament to the high-quality storytelling and superb filmmaking skills of the producers. Today, many of America’s most popular TV shows can be enjoyed by the world’s population when accessing streaming sites, such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Television is an important part of the American cultural identity, along with its world-class filmmaking industry, which is based in Hollywood and has produced films that have been enjoyed in hundreds of countries. 


 It is estimated that only 42% of Americans hold a valid passport, however, Americans are recognized for their love of travel. This contradictory statement is understood when you look at a map of America. Its huge land mass and varied climate mean that for many American citizens going on vacation is often a case of visiting a different state, rather than leaving the country. From the sunshine state of California, which boasts some of the longest daily hours of sunshine in the country, to the freezing but picturesque wilderness of Alaska, there really is a state for every type of travel. Americans love to plan and embark on road trips with friends or relatives, especially in their youth. Iconic roads, such as route 66, are frequented by adventurers who seek to take a trip across unspoilt landscapes and enjoy the thrill of the open road. 

Visiting Casinos

 Many Americans are thrill seekers who enjoy testing their skills and luck at casinos. The gaming capital of America is Las Vegas where millions of Americans travel each year to experience the thrills of games, such as poker, and an immense range of slot machines. Today, many Americans seek to gamble online from the comfort of their own home and search for the best online casino fast payout to find a range of online casinos which offer attractive odds and welcome bonuses. For some Americans, visiting an online casino can be the ideal way to unwind and relax after a busy working week, whilst testing their luck on a range of popular games.


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