3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your CTRs In Google Ads

Improve CTRs In Google Ads

The Google Ads interface is a powerful marketing tool that has the ability to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. It also takes a lot of experience, time, and energy to keep your account optimised and ahead of the competition. You can enlist the help of a Google Ads specialist to make your life a breeze or if you opt for self-management this article will help you save money. If you want higher click-through rates (CTRs) in Google Ads, there are three things you can use to improve right now: pause underperforming keywords; experiment with new creatives, and adjust bids accordingly. 

Pause Underperforming Keywords

Knowing when to pause underperforming ads is the key to building a consistently successful Google Ads account. This is especially true when it comes to ad groups with low CTRs, as they can cost your business a lot of money without any significant return on investment. Sift through your weakest ad groups to find the keywords with the lowest CTRs and quality scores. This in turn will boost your overall ad group/campaign click-through rates. 

Experiment With New Creatives

Experimenting with new ad text creatives is another key factor for improving your CTRs. In fact, Google found that changing just one word in an ad’s headline can increase click-through rates by 9%. Not only do new creative get you more clicks, but it can also help to lower costs. With a bit of research and copywriting creativity updating your ad text can become a powerful tool for boosting click-through rates. 

Advanced Bid Adjustments

Lastly, adjusting bids to lower the risk of low CTRs is a must in any Google Ads account. The key areas to analyse and increase bids for top performers are locations, device type and demographics. For example, if mobile devices are consistently outperforming desktop users in terms of CTR per cent and overall conversions we recommend increasing your bid for this device by 5 – 20%. 

In Summary

By pausing underperforming keywords; experimenting with new creatives and advanced bid adjustments you can easily increase your overall account CTR. This in turn will lead to more conversions, increased ad spend efficiency, and help your business generate more revenue from advertising. 


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