4 beginner tips to finding traffic for travel blog

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Every blogger hosting a blog on any topic faced the frustration connected to gaining new readers and finding traffic. Unfortunately, this frustration often feels like a complete disaster for beginners, as they do not know yet what it takes to build an audience.

Starting a travel blog may seem an intimidating prospect. However, approaching the development of your blog strategically can make this prospect less risky and stressful for finding traffic. Furthermore, a good strategy can turn all your travel blog dreams into a bright future.

If you want to get reliable traffic and finding traffic for your travel blog right from the start, this article is what you need. So continue reading to find out 4 actionable beginners tips that will help find traffic for your travel blog, build an excellent readership, and make it a success right from the first posts. 

Start building your email list 

Sometimes it takes years for a blogger to fully understand the importance of the email list in the travel blog promotion. However, an email list appears to be a must for all travel bloggers who want to grow and connect with their audience.  

Regardless of your travel blog niche, you’d better start compiling your email list from the beginning of your blogging history. Besides, whether you have a product or service to promote, you should nurture your audience. 

Add the link of your blog to the email signature 

Email list building seems to be an intimidating task to newbies, as you need to find many subscribers out of nowhere. However, there is nothing complicated if you know where to start. 

Set a goal for your first email campaign and put your email signature generator.

An email signature is one of the most noticeable elements of any email. Therefore, it should include the most valuable information you have – a link to your travel blog. Every time you send an email, you introduce yourself and your blog to the audience in this way. 

Check out trending email signature examples to find something fitting your online persona. Don`t be afraid to take a risk. Perhaps your first campaign won`t be a huge success, but at least you will get some data for further analysis and improvement. 

Place it on the social media accounts

Social media provides an excellent opportunity to get targeted traffic to your travel blog. However, don`t expect a wow effect right from the start. It can take some time to see the actual results. However, it is worth the effort. 

There are lots of pros of using social media for your travel blog promotion. However, it is always better to start with the basics.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Before you dive deep into the world of social media marketing, you should determine which platforms to use. For that purpose, you`ll need to learn the social media climate and the demographics of your potential followers. Also you need to know schedule social media posts.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter appear to be some of the best social media for travel blog promotion due to their audience. The easiest way for a newbie to start is to place a link to your travel blog on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 

Ask your friends and family to share your posts

Besides, your social media profiles on these platforms already have their faithful followers. All your friends and family members are going to be your first dedicated readers and fans. Thus, why not use them as social media agents for your travel blog?

The more they share your posts, the more visible and noticeable you get on social media. 

Create the content on your best

People often start blogging for fun, but eventually, it turns into a successful business. However, if you attempt to build a successful blog with a business potential from scratch with potential, you need to approach the process strategically.

Therefore, you should pay particular attention to one of the critical elements of your future success – your content. When you first start, it’s better to concentrate on the following items not to get lost among millions of other travel blogs around.

Tell about the place you’ve already visited 

Sharing your authentic experience is an excellent way to start a travel blog and win the hearts of your first readers. Such posts are the most personal ones. Thus they appeal right to the reader’s emotions.

Tell your readers about your memories and sweet association connected to the places you visited. Besides, share some helpful travel tips and advice based on your own experience. Readers love this stuff.

Be yourself!

It is always a good idea to be aware of what other travel bloggers share with their readers. Furthermore, it is only reasonable to follow tendencies in topics and writing. However, remember your readers will love your blog for its uniqueness. 

Therefore, try not to lose your authentic approach, personal touch and still be yourself while turning your blog into a successful business. 

Looking for the partners and sponsors

Creating beautiful, informative, and engaging content is excellent. However, you will not get a desirable effect if you won`t manage to promote and distribute it properly. Therefore, you should start working on quality backlinks at the early stage of your blog establishment.

Here are top ways to get quality backlinks for free or at a low cost:

Do guest posting

Guest posting is an excellent opportunity for a beginner to benefit from the authority of other websites. Writing guest articles for the authoritative web pages related to your niche will bring new followers and views to you. 

Besides, guest posting is an excellent way to build relationships and for finding traffic with other bloggers and make yourself visible in the crowd. 

Join the communities

A great thing about the internet and online blogging is that you do not have to leave your sofa to make valuable connections and grow your network. Just introduce yourself and join the discussions in various communities and travel forums.

Furthermore, this is a terrific chance to get noticed and to finding traffic and to spread the links to your content in comments.

Write for travel websites

Think of the travel website and bloggers you admire. Why not reach them out and offer your article as a contribution to their blogs? Sometimes this strategy works great for newbies.

At last, we all were beginners some time ago. Therefore, it is sometimes easier to get such an opportunity if you are a freshman. Why not try? At least you lose nothing in these attempts. 


Summing up everything mentioned before, to drive traffic to your travel blog, take actions. Do not postpone your blog promotion until it gets some hundred visitors or dozens of posts. Start with simple steps right from the beginning, and you`ll be pleasantly surprised by the effect.


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