Fix All Types Of Error in fallout 4 [Brown Face, Ultrawide, Face Bug,Boston FPS, Stuttering Issue]

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Fallout 4 is one of the most popular franchises in role-playing (RPG) games, developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios. It’s the fifth installment in the Fallout franchise and series, played by millions of users daily from all around the world. Fallout 4 is set in a post-apocalyptic environment, where you will take control of a character, who happens to be the only survivor of the crisis. The game is quite fun, to say the least, you will get to explore the dilapidated world in the game and takes on various quests which in turn will earn you experience points, which can be used to enhance your abilities.fallout 4

Despite having a cool storyline and graphics, the game has received mixed reviews from players all around the world. It was kind of unexpected, but the game had plenty of issues and bugs which, sometimes, doesn’t even let the user play the game. There were countless posts from users in the community describing strange issues that they’re facing with the fallout 4 game. Bethesda has been made aware of the problems, and they’ve been rolling out updates one after another to fix all the irregularities of Free Games Masters.

However, there are still a lot of issues that seem to be persisting in the game even in today’s date. So, we’ve decided to try and help our readers in fixing the most common issues that are plaguing your game. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of errors and issues related to Fallout 4 and how you can fix them easily within a couple of minutes. The list also includes a couple of fixes for performance and crashes as well.

How To Fix Bugs And Issues In Fallout 4 Game

In the list below, we’ve gathered the most common problems that you’re most likely to run into in the fallout 4 game. Also, we’ve shared ways that will help you in fixing those problems on your PC. Let’s dive into the list straight away without wasting any further time. Some of the players probably facing the fallout 4 crash on startup.

Fallout 4 Brown Face Bug Fix

Brown Face Bug or grey face is one of the most annoying bugs that turn the color of character faces into brown. Although the bug has no impact on the performance, it has managed to annoy plenty of players and has been spreading wide. There are no explanation posts or any word from officials stating the exact cause of this problem. Fortunately, the bug can be easily fixed using the below-mentioned method.

In order to fix this annoying bug, you need to install a third-party mod from Nexus Mods for your game. Perform these steps to install the Mod to fix the brown face issue in your game.

  1. Go ahead and download the official mod from Nexus Mods website on your PC.
  2. Extract the files using any extracting tool on your PC to begin the process.
  3. Now copy and paste the files in the “Data” folder of Fallout Game.
  4. Or you may use your desired Mod manager to enable the Mod.
  5. Now launch the game and the bug would be fixed right away.

Default location of the “Data” folder is : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data

Fallout 4 Ultrawide Bug Fix

For some reason, you cannot play the game conveniently in the ultrawide mode which is rather unfortunate. Although this is an option to enable “Ultrawide” mode but it stretches out the front way too much and HUD is broken which makes it unplayable. If you would like to play Fallout 4 in ultrawide mode on your PC, then you’ll need to install the Mod by following these steps.

The mod can be found on Nexus Mods which would make the game playable in ultrawide screen on your PC. The steps to download and enabling the Mod on your PC are as follows:-

  1. First, Install the official Nexus Mod Manager on your PC from the official site.
  2. Now download the Ultrawide Mod on your PC from the Nexus Mods website.
  3. Open the Mod Manager and select the Mod to activate it for your game.
  4. Head over to My Documents-> Games->Fallout 4 Game on your PC to proceed.
  5. Select and open the “Fallout.ini” file via Notepad and edit the following lines.
    Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1
  6. Now save the changes and exit the file.

By doing this, the game will be modded properly and you will be able to play in Ultrawide screen without any issues. Also, the ultrawide mod from Nexus Mods is a standalone mod, it doesn’t require any other applications to function.

Fallout 4 Black Face Bug Fix

The high res DLC launched by Bethesda has caused a bug where the color of character faces have turned into black and brown. The bug started appearing after the new DLC has been introduced by the studios. Unfortunately, there aren’t any in-game options available that could fix the issue. Therefore, you will have to rely on yet another Nexus Mod in order to get rid of the Blackface bug in Fallout 4 game.

This Mod simply downscales the textures of faces that have been added by the high res DLC. You may proceed with the following steps to fix the issue using the Mod on your PC.

  1. Firstly, Open up “My Documents->Games->Fall out 4 Game” on your PC.
  2. Find and Open the “Fallout 4.ini” file via Notepad from the game folder to begin.
  3. Now edit the following lines in the .ini file through Notepad on your PC.
    [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1
  4. You can now exit Notepad by saving the changes in the Fallout 4.ini file.
  5. Go ahead and download the Black Face Fix Mod from the official site on your PC.
  6. Run the Nexus Mod Manager and Activate the Mod by selecting its file. Done!

The black face bug fix would be fixed when you launch the game on your PC. Please keep in mind, Blackface bugs is known to occur only if you have the High res DLC. In case. if the issue doesn’t go away even after installing the Mod, then it’s not related to the HIgh res DLC and the issue lies somewhere else.

Fallout 4 Boston FPS Fix

As per the reports of players, the FPS rate drops significantly when you roam or play around the Boston area of the game. People who are using external mods are likely to face drops in frame rates while roaming in the Boston area. The issue can be fixed by installing a Mod from Nexus Mods, it improves the performance of the game. In general, the Mod is supposed to increase the performance by 10-20 fps, but the results may vary in certain cases.

Go ahead to the official Mod Page on Nexus Mods by clicking on the link. There you will find all the information related to the Mod and how you can use it to improve the performance of the game on your PC. In addition to this, there are video sources provided on the official page which will help you understand how the Mod works.

Fallout 4 Stuttering Issue Fix

Recently, a lot of players have reported the stuttering issues in the game are making it unplayable. Even people with high-end PCs aren’t able to play the game, that’s how bad the game seems to stutter after the recent patch update. During stuttering, the game usually feels very slow and laggy too at times. You can try to improve the performance by eliminating all the background activities or processes and by tweaking a few video settings in the game to fix the stuttering issue. You may also try the following steps to see if it helps in fixing the issue.

  • Update Your Graphic Drivers:- In most cases, outdated graphic drivers have been reported as the root cause of stuttering and performance-related issues in games. It’s always recommended to update your graphic drivers to the latest version to avoid facing any performance-related issues. You may go to the manufacturer’s official site to update the drivers manually. Or you could try apps like Driver Easy to ensure all your drivers up to date.
  • Change Resolution To Monitor Size:- Often, people run the game in Borderless mode which is, in fact, great in terms of experience. Sometimes, your PC may not have the recommended specifications to run the game in a borderless mode which would eventually cause stuttering and performance issues. You could try lowering the video resolution by going into the settings of the game and see if it works.
  • Adjust Frame Rate:- If you have set the frame rate to higher than your PC could possibly handle, chances are, you’d face huge FPS drops and stuttering issues. Therefore, it’s better to play the game at optimal settings to avoid such issues. Go to in-game settings and try lowering the frame rates to the optimum level and restart the game for the changes to take effect.

In case, if the stuttering issue in your game isn’t related to FPS, then we’d recommend you to try out the following steps on your PC.

  1. Navigate to My Documents on your and Open up “Games” Folder.
  2. Select the “Fallout 4” folder from the list on your screen to proceed further.
  3. On the next screen, Open up Fallout4Prefs file using any text editor like Notepad.
  4. In the file, you need to make the following changes by editing the values properly.
  5. Once the changes are made, you may exit the file after saving the changes.

Values to edit :-


bFull Screen=1

and change these values to


bFull Screen=0

Hopefully, you see the improvement in the FPS after making the above-mentioned changes in the folder. In case, if the fps still doesn’t improve, then your PC may not have the required specifications to run the game smoothly.

Fallout 4 Infinite Loading Screen Fix

The infinite loading screen bug is a bug that freezes your game on the loading screen itself and prevents you from entering into the game. The only way to get out of the screen is by force closing the game from Task Manager on your PC. People who have encountered this bug have tried waiting for an ample amount of time, but unfortunately, it didn’t help. If your game freezes on the loading screen, then it’s probably the infinite loading screen bug that’s causing the issue on your PC.

In order to bring back the loading time to normal and to be able to play the game, as usual, you’ll need to disable the vsync and lower the frame rate to 30 by going into the ini folder of the game. You follow these steps to find the ini file of the game on your PC.

  1. Go to “My Documents” from your desktop and Open up “My Games” folder.
  2. On the next screen, you will find folders of all the games that are installed on your PC.
  3. Find “Fall out 4” game folder and Open it up to proceed further in the process.
  4. Search for “Fallout 4.ini” file and Open it via Notepad or any other text editors.
  5. Look for the frame rate values and Vsync option and make the required changes.
  6. Save the changes that you’ve made before closing the ini folder.

You should now be able to get past the loading screen without any issues in the game. Also, you can try lowering down other video and graphic related values in the ini folder to avoid any performance-related issues in your game.

Fallout 4 Human Error

Well, there isn’t a bug or any sort of glitch in case if you’re wondering. Human Error is actually a quest in the game that you need to complete in order to progress. It’s basically a detective-style quest in Fallout 4 which is quite complex and takes quite a bit of time to complete. If you’re stuck with this quest in the game or unable to complete, then take the help of the walkthrough mentioned below.

At first, the player needs to find the Covenant in the northern section of “CommonWealth” and speak to Swanson, who happens to be the doorman. Now take the “SAFE” test in order to access the community and to proceed further in the quest. Once you’re inside the community, you need to find and speak to an unfriendly guy named Honest Dan over there. By talking to the guy, you will come to know about the missing caravan, you can gain more info about the case by talking to other villagers around there.

Now exit the village and follow the quest indicator to the caravan’ remains to proceed. Over there, you’ll have to find a cooler which you need to open up in order to find Deezer’s Lemonade. Now once again back to the Covenant and initiate a conversation with all the villagers until you run out of topics to talk about. Now talk with Deezer, make sure to keep talking with him until he gives you Lemonade and at last go back to the old unfriendly guy, Honest Dan, and talk to him as well.

Make to take note of the locked door or house in the village, and go to Doctor Patricia’s office to steal the keys. You need to search the entire house to find another set of keys and a note as well which has Jacob’s password written on it. Now enter the office building in the Covenant and access the terminal to proceed further. Make sure to read the information provided in the terminal, after that leave the compound and follow up with the waypoint indicator to a sewer pipe near the lake.

Now access the compound by entering into the sewer and explore the compound until you find Doctor Roslyn Chambers. Based on your talk with the doctor, you will be presented a bunch of options to choose from. You simply need to select an option from the list and your quest will end based on what you’ve selected. That’s it!

Wrapping Up

We hope that you were able to get through all the annoying issues and bugs that have been coming up in the Fallout 4 game lately. In case, if you’ve encountered any other bug in the game and looking for help to fix it, then be sure to let us know in the comment section below. Also, make sure to share the article with others who might need it! Let us know your thoughts on the Human Error mission through the comments.


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