Are Bitcoin and Blockchain the two sides of the same coin?

the same coin

Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies are becoming a primary medium of exchange in the financial market and are the sides of the same coin. In addition, these cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have been used in many industrial sectors and many marketplaces in forms. 

Such as a currency medium in trading, we are investing, exchanging for any other commodity or digital currencies for the global market. 

Cryptocurrencies are popular because of many of their property, including blockchain technology. Check the questions to ask when using android for trading bitcoin to know the mechanism of digital currency trading. Blockchain technology has been a revolution in technological advancements due to its new and advanced format of processing and storing data which is more efficient and safe than any other processing platform previously available. 

There are many interchangeabilities between bitcoin and blockchain technology, and their confusions are pretty similar. So are these two the same thing, or bitcoin and blockchain interchangeabilities are entirely misleading?  


Blockchain gave birth to Bitcoin.- the same coin

Blockchain and Bitcoin are easily interchanged, and sometimes this leads to confusion. It is justified as blockchain was introduced specially for Bitcoin, and it came out with Bitcoin. But for clarification, they are not the same thing. Blockchain is just the founding technology upon which Bitcoin functions. 

 Blockchain is the foundation upon which bitcoin functions. Blockchain, by definition, is database storage in a block time type that stores and processes file more efficiently and securely. Blockchain-infused technology has been used outside of the Cryptocurrency market and considered more efficient than previously used forms of storage and processing. This new advancement in storage management and processing technology is what is made of the management and processing of a virtual currency like Bitcoin has been using.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is just a form of currency token authenticated by its name and used for many forms of transactions and payments all around the global market. Blockchain technology manages the staggering form of transactions and exchanges made globally and verifies them with the data of both parties present in the Blockchain system.

Unlike centralized databases, where a data manager or an administrator manages data, in decentralized databases like Blockchain technology, every form of data regarding users using Cryptocurrency is stored and verified via user’s censuses. It gives fewer chances of data errors and provides transparency to the database system, which is necessary for Cryptocurrency, where information like user data is confidential.

Differences between Bitcoin and blockchain – sides of the same coin

Despite transparency, blockchain technology is much more secure than other centralized databases or storage mediums. This is because blockchain has a different data management format where all info is stored in blocks. Access to the previous block is needed, protected by a 256- bit encryption with the key provided only to the data owner. It prevents any attempts of stealing data or any modes of hacks. 

The application of Blockchain technology is sides of the same coin and was in the modern market is immense. Besides the Cryptocurrency platforms, blockchain has many potential applications. Its features and potentials can revolutionize every data management sector, among which the following are the most prominent.

Blockchain technology is most prominent in intelligent contracts. With the help of Blockchain technology, every piece of information regarding contacts made between two parties can be stored and planned efficiently. If the date and time of the contract and regarding details and the Bitcoin wallet, an automatic transaction can be there instantaneously and securely because of the block format feature. It is beneficial and valuable in the case of big corporations where hundreds of contracts are to be made in a single day, and an efficient mode of data management is needed.

Blockchain technology can have a use case in financial services like tax and loan Management, where many forms of data like period amount and credential details are required. Using the Blockchain technology infused with the details of the collecting party, specific programmed actions like warning messaging or automatic deduction from an account or informing the taxed party can perform it quickly and efficiently. It can also be present for managing Cryptocurrency transactions made.


We have seen how bitcoin and blockchain. Though being confused as the same thing, are different things, and their differences have been discussed in detail. (valium) We have also seen how Blockchain technology is forever there outside of the Cryptocurrency market and its benefits to the using party.


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