Best Sex Toys of 2022: Toys you NEED to Try

Sex Toys of 2022

Sex toy manufacturing has grown and developed a lot in the last couple of years: not only have sex toys become more focused on female pleasure and wellness, but the innovation at the core of the sex toy industry has skyrocketed in recent years. Combine this technological advancement with the sex-positivity movement (and the overall general acceptance of sex toys in the cultural domain) and the result is pretty exciting: we now have more customer-driven, pleasure-promising sex toys of 2022 that seem to be able to do everything except bring us a glass of wine. 

Whether it’s the Satisfyer Pro 2 and its ability to simulate oral sex, or the Tango X by We-Vibe and its ability to combine whisper-quiet rumbly vibrations with explosive orgasms, there’s never been a better time to invest in the best sex toys on the market. So – if your sex life feels stuck in a rut, or you can’t remember the last time you had a mind-blowing orgasm, don’t stress! Let sex toys take the weight off your shoulders and bring you a daily (or more than daily, if you feel like it) dose of intense pleasure and decreased stress. 

So, what are the best sex toys to try out in 2022? 

The best sex toy for you will obviously depend on what you’re looking for, your anatomy, and your own personal tastes and preferences. We’ve curated a list of the top 5 sex toys to test out in 2022, from clitoral vibrators to oral sex simulators to powerful wand massagers that will take your day from wow to WOAH in just a matter of vibration patterns! Take a look at our round-up and see what might work for you:

Best Sex Toy for Oral Sex Simulation

1. Satisfyer Pro 2

If you’re looking for the best sex toys for clitoral orgasms, you can’t go wrong with the Satisfyer Pro 2. This sex toy is a fan favorite for a reason: this vibrator uses air suction technology to stimulate the sensations of oral sex – you’ll be reaching orgasm so fast you’ll think it’s the real thing! Whether you’re an oral sex aficionado or simply love a good clitoral vibrator, we strongly recommend putting the Satisfyer Pro 2 on your 2022 bucket list.

To use the Satisfyer Pro, simply lube up your device, get in the mood and start using your satisfyer pro wherever you want to be stimulated – remember that the Satisfyer Pro 2 is for external use only, so you shouldn’t be inserting it anywhere in your body. You won’t need to – the suction vibrations are already powerful enough to have you squirming!

Best Sex Toy for Intense Vibrations 

2. Le Wand Massager

If you’re in any way familiar with sex toys, you’ll know that the iconic magic wand massager is the MVP of all sex toys: super powerful and fairly loud, the magic wand massager offers all-over body massaging and hardcore vibrations for your clitoris, nipples, and any other erogenous zone. For the 2022 version of the iconic wand massager, you need to try Le Wand Massager. Designed and created by a team of female sex toy experts, Le Wand is the perfect addition to any woman’s nightstand – you can enjoy powerful, rumbly vibrations in a sleek, pretty wand design. With 10 vibration speeds, you’ll never get bored – and you’ll probably never need to reach level 10!

Best Sex Toys for Couples’ Fun

3. Dame Eva

Hands-free vibrators are all the rage at the moment: after centuries of ignoring women’s needs, our conversations around sexual wellness and pleasure have recently taken a turn, and female pleasure is at the core of this conversation. This change in attitude inspired the Eva hands-free vibrator, the high-quality sex toy created by the minds at Dame Products, a luxury sex toy retailer. Eva is a mini vibrator designed to be worn during sex over the clitoris – yes, worn, by placing her in the vaginal hood. Even during the most passionate romps, Eva should stay in place, offering 3 vibrating speeds to the clitoris and helping you achieve intense, blended orgasms during penetrative sex. 

While she may be pricey, Dame Eva is a great investment for your sex life, pleasure, and even the wellbeing of your relationship! Having a hands-free vibrator is a great way to take the pressure off during sex – with a nifty little vibrator to help you reach that big O, the pressure on your partner is lifted. 

Best Sex Toys for Remote Control Fun

4. Lovense Lush 3

If you want to spice up your relationship with some power-play, you can invest in a fun remote-controlled vibrator to enhance your intimacy and help you both explore new fun ways to connect both emotionally and physically. A high-quality remote controlled vibrator such as the Lovense Lush 3 is great for trying out some fun app-controlled fun: this soft, silicone toy is ideal! With 3.5 inches of insertable fun, this love egg vibrator can be remote controlled even at a distance! Tease your partner with 3 intensity modes and 10 vibration patterns – with 5 hours of charge, you’ll never get bored. This toy is ideal for long-distance couples looking to spice up their long-distance sex life, or even for couples living together who want to experiment with some naughty fun in their everyday lives.

Best Sex Toys for G-Spot Stimulation

5. Dame Arc G-Spot Vibrator 

The G-spot can be an elusive pleasure point on the body: it’s all about hitting those right angles! A vibrator with a curved or bulbed head can help you to reach and stimulate the G-spot more easily: with the help of Dame’s silky smooth Arc G-Spot vibrator, it’s even easier! This vibrating dildo is made with body-friendly medical-grade silicone and equipped with 5 vibration patterns and 5 vibration intensities designed to help you achieve a G-spot orgasm, every time! You can use this vibrator vaginally or on the external body: use it to tease your nipples, your clitoris and any other erogenous zones for enhanced sensations!


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