Chiropractors- Learn More About This All-Inclusive Patient Software


People who have visited a chiropractor know how efficient their work is. Chiropractors are health professionals trained to ensure optimal body functioning by applying spinal manipulations to relieve pain in your muscles and joints. For increased customer service, a chiropractic practice requires a working system. 

You need software with unique design, logic, and core features. Most patients will choose you over another doctor because your technique delivers better results, your friendliness, the equipment used, or the value you offer. Most often, the software you have in place is only used for billing activities. But looking at your software as something you have to use is not the right approach. You can retain even more clients by successfully managing their expectations. Happy clients are return clients. Here’s all you need to know about this all-inclusive patient software.

Training and Feedback

Every new package comes with an in-depth prerecorded training series and access to useful live webinars. In addition, you are onboarded to a program that provides one-on-one live training on the product under the practising chiropractors and billing professionals curriculum.

In addition, the software company recognizes the value of feedback and provides a platform, User Feedback Committee, for you to provide managers with direct feedback. So, if the software has new features, they are recommended by fellow users. This is a positive sign that your feedback matters, and it will be taken into consideration.

Tech Support

Tech support may be among the things most chiropractors want software companies to provide. However, they feel that installing the software and leaving is not enough. That is why this software’s providers have a phone system that has a unique call-back-in-queue feature. This feature means that the system holds your place in line without you waiting on hold on the other end when you call in. This saves you time to do more important tasks.

So, when it’s your turn, the system calls you back, and a technician on the other end waits for you. This guarantees efficient tech support and reduces stress caused by a lack of knowledge on particular aspects of the software. In addition, efficient tech support ensures you continue learning about the software on the go and master it over time.


This all-inclusive patient software is Microsoft certified and meets the stringent standards Microsoft sets and maintains. This means it is up to date with the latest compliance and technology.


This software is a chiropractic billing software that helps chiropractors manage the insurance claims process and run their cash practice. In addition, the software allows soap notes for chiropractors, a framework that enables chiropractors to keep track of patient’s progress during treatment. Software that covers soap notes for chiropractors provides a comprehensive reference tool for consulting in future chiropractic sessions.

This allows them to reevaluate diagnoses and adjust treatment plans as necessary. Soap notes for chiropractors is an efficient approach that keeps you compliant with licensing and reporting requirements and allows you to structure your patient visits to achieve higher care levels to meet their needs.


Every chiropractor can immensely benefit from this easy-to-use and inclusive software. In addition, it is low cost and has high returns, making it reliable for all billing and soap notes for chiropractors.


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