How can you Promote a clutter-free workspace with these monitor arms?

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Most of us are not used to it, and, in fact, we’re never even aware of the issues involved in working from home. It requires a significant adjustment in our mindset and, yes, new gadgets and technology. As someone used to work in teams in an office, now we have to overcome the challenges of working in isolation, all alone, detached from the colleagues. We are also away from the variety of resources available in our work environment. Just a little thoughtful analysis, and you can create a clutter-free workspace at home.

Alongside need to work out how to replicate and improve our workplace setting compared to what we had in our offices. It is hard to work conveniently and be productive without suitable equipment.

No disarray or discomfort: Monitor arms

In this fully connected world, you should not leave any scope for discomfort, and these ergonomic monitor arms enable instant personalization, thereby improving comfort and productivity by creating clutter-free workspace at home.

You might ha.0ve often seen the hospital monitor arms, and the ones you will use are similar to those. Your workspace gets healthier when you use it at your workspace. Aligning the monitor at the correct height helps prevent eye and neck strain. These are ultra-sleek and scalable, adding that unique style quotient to your work from home setup as well. 

Laptop users: Monitor arms are for you

If you use a laptop, which most of us do, then we may think that monitor arms are of no use for you, which is absolutely not right. On the contrary, you in more need of it than almost any other worker. 

Did you know that you are more likely to put yourself at risk of ergonomic related chronic aches, pains more than someone who works on a desktop computer all day? Yes, working on a laptop, tablet, or notebook has an issue that the relative positions of the screen and keyboard are fixed, and you can’t vary them. You will often crouch over your screen, putting pressure on your spine. 

However, when you start using a monitor arm for support to your laptop, notebook, or tablet, you can adjust the computer screen at the appropriate height and vary the position and posture as per your comfort. You will enjoy the same ergonomic benefits of a monitor arm as someone using a desktop PC

Main things to consider

Seated eye height

As a behavioral practice, we humans tend to scan downwards with our eyes. Therefore, the top of the monitor should be aligned with your seated eye height. 

Screen distance

Ideally, the screen needs to be at the arm’s length from the person. It should let you read the information displayed on the screen without causing any eye strain. 

We all are different

Each of us will have a different preference for how we will like to position our monitor. As long as it is ergonomic, does not cause any pain or strain, it is okay to vary the position as per your preference. 



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