Cogwheel Game Review

Cogwheel Game

Introduction- The widespread use of Bitcoin transactions has led to the vastness of the network of many specialized services that allow using digital money to participate in various gambling games and Cogwheel Game.

Today online casinos that work with cryptocurrencies, mainly with Bitcoin (BTC), are the most reliable and liquid ones. They are gaining more and more popularity. Some online casinos work exclusively with Bitcoin, while others offer BTC as an additional alternative to traditional currency.

Currently, there are many types of online casinos. They differ in the principles of withdrawal of funds, games, bets and much more. But among the huge variety, casino should be highlighted. After all, it has not only all the standard qualities of a bitcoin casino, but also offers something special. Such a distinctive quality can be called the advanced design of games. Indeed, when creating this platform, a number of studies were carried out, as a result of which 4 types of players were identified. Such as: achievers, researchers, socializers and killers. They all have their own distinctive qualities and issues, which the takes into account when developing and modernizing its platform. Therefore we can conclude that the Bitcoin casino with special care approaches each player, his needs and goals.

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Game plot

What would happen if you combine the betting style from Blackjack, the spinning disk from wheel of fortune and a number based landing system like in Roulette? The answer is the new table game Money Wheel.

But Bitcoin casino went even further and presented to your attention Cogwheel. Check it yourself!

The distinct advantage of the Tower Bet Cogwheel is its unique design. After all, a huge team worked on the creation of a unique visual. They hired the best designers, illustrators, developers, and UI/UX specialists. They aimed to create a user-friendly interface with simple management and navigation of the site. Therefore it’s accompanied with a juicy design.

The Cogwheel game is divided into 54 sectors, each of which has its own color. There are 4 of them in total and they are tied to certain multipliers. Green is a 2x multiplier, blue is 3x, and red is 5x. But the rarest and best multiplier is gold, it gives you 50x. The meaning of the game is simple and clear. You have to choose a color and place of your bet. If the pointer hits that color, you win. It’s tempting, that the higher the multiplier, the greater the payout. You can choose your strategy for the game, because bets can be placed on 2 different sectors at the same time. Cogwheel is a gambling game where you can win the royal redemption.


In conclusion, I would like to highlight the main advantages of  the online bitcoin casino:

  • Anonymity. It is one of the main advantages of Bitcoin. During the game, no one will be able to track your transactions and understand who is playing with you. Now you don’t need to worry about your privacy – you can fully concentrate on the game.
  • Reliability of work. Although the money earned is on the casino website, you can always withdraw it, transfer it to your wallet or even cash out.
  • Decentralization principle. Bitcoin casinos do not maintain any relationship with banks. This means that, unlike regular online casinos, no one will be able to arrest or freeze your account.
  • Small size of bets. One Bitcoin is easily divided into small parts: up to a million Satoshi. It means that, unlike dollar services, a user can play with a cryptocurrency with micro-stakes. Thus, you can not only earn, but also learn to play or just relax without risking losing large sums.
  • Fast movement of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is equally quickly transferred both during the game (for example, when you directly place bets) and when withdrawing the earned funds from the account.
  • High manufacturability. Playing in Bitcoin casinos, you get acquainted with new technologies and contribute to their further popularization and development.
  • No boundaries and the ability to play with people from all over the world.
  • The ability to easily trace the transaction. Every cryptocurrency transfer is recorded in the blockchain, and it is no longer possible to delete this record (each block of the chain has its own unique signature, which is extremely difficult to forge). All this increases the security of working with Bitcoin casinos.
  • There is no need to visit real casinos and incur transportation costs. All you need when working with a Bitcoin casino is your personal computer, a registered account on the site and a stable Internet connection. Accordingly, this way you save your time and effort for other, more important tasks.
  • User self-control. Each Bitcoin casino client gets the opportunity to independently control the state of his gaming account and track all transactions.



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