Discord Top Secret Control Panel? What Is It? How to use?

Discord Top Secret Control Panel

Discord Top Secret Control Panel:- Every user or player in the online gaming community is aware of Discord and how useful it is for communication purposes. The platform lets you connect with other users through voice chat over the internet for free of cost. Users will be able to chat with other users through text messages and voice chat in private or public servers.

The best part about Discord is that you can invite as many players or users as you want in your voice channel and talk with all of them simultaneously without any hassle. It is so popular that almost every streamer and gamer from all over the world use it to communicate with their teammates to coordinate while playing games.

Discord Top Secret Control Panel

Of course, there are quite a lot of apps available on the internet in the same category. However, the voice channels feature in most of the voice chat applications do not work as they’re supposed to and sometimes you might even get leggy or muddy audio from the other users. This has been a quite common issue with most of the Voice Over Internet Protocol app.

However, that’s not the case when it comes to Discord’s voice channels, you will have a clean voice chat experience on the platform without any issues.

Well, that’s enough for the introduction part and let’s go ahead with the main topic of this article. Recently we have noticed there’s a huge influx in the queries related to Discord top secret control panel on the search engines. So, in order to help out our readers, we’ve decided to come up with an article explaining what exactly Discord Top Secret control panel is and how you can access it.

How To Access Discord Top Secret Control Panel

There are no special requirements or techniques to access the top-secret control panel discord. However, this feature is visible only on the desktop version of Discord. If you’re Discord on smartphones like Android or iOS, then you won’t be able to find it anywhere in the app. At the moment, the Secret Control Panel is accessible on the Windows client only. So, in order to access it, you will need to use a computer or laptop.

Before proceeding with the process, you first have to download and install the Discord client on your computer or laptop. The steps to install Discord desktop version on your PC are as follows:-

  1. Head over to the official website of Discord using the browser app on your computer or laptop.
  2. Now proceed to the Download section on the web page and download the client on your PC.
  3. You will find the installation file in the Downloads folder after the downloading is completed.
  4. Make sure to open the Discord’s installation file as Admin on your PC to begin the installation.
  5. Now select the path or destination folder where you would like the app to be installed on your PC.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation of Discord client.
  7. Once installed, go to the notification bar and right-click on the discord icon.
  8. You can see the top-secret control panel button on the top.top secret control panel discord

Now you just have to open the Discord app and sign in to your account by entering the credentials on your PC. Once the setup and login is complete, you may go ahead and follow the below-mentioned steps to access the Discord Top Secret Control Panel.

Now you just have to select the Discord app in the taskbar on your Desktop and open its context menu. There you will find the option “Discord Top Secret Control Panel”. However, the bad news is that you can click on it or open it via any other way. Go ahead with the article to know why the option is grayed out or disabled on your PC.

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Why Can’t I Access Discord Top Secret Control Panel

Well, we aren’t sure why the option is grayed out or disabled for the users. On the other hand, there’s no word from the company regarding the option. Therefore, it’s difficult to state the exact reason why the option is disabled. In fact, at this point, we don’t even know if there is a way to enable the option or open it up through any means. Nonetheless, the following points could be the reason as to why the option is inaccessible for users.

  • This feature may not be available or cannot be accessed by Discord users. It’s possible that it is restricted to Discord employees or staff for development or maintenance purposes.
  • It could also be possible that the option or feature is in beta version and cannot be accessed at the moment. This is a very unlikely assumption, however, that’s the only possible explanation we could think right now.
  • Another theory is that the option is placed there by the developers to make the users curious. We personally feel like this is true, however, there is no official word from the company yet on this matter.

Discord Top Secret Control Panel Really Exists?

We’ve gone ahead and searched through several forums and blog posts to find out what’s the matter behind the greyed out Control Panel option on discord. As per our research, we have concluded that there is any top-secret control panel thing available on the desktop version of Discord. It might have been a mistake by the developers or they intentionally placed the option in the notifier bar to make the user curious about it.

Technically, it wouldn’t make sense for a brand like Discord to pull off a stunt like this to trick its users. So, we believe that this feature is under development and might come out sooner or later after the development is completed. We will make sure to update the article with more information on this topic from time to time, it’s advised to bookmark this page to access it quickly in the future.

Final Words

It’s possible that Discord might introduce new features to the platform in the near future or we might turn out to be completely wrong with our assumptions. As of now, a countless number of posts and discussions have taken place regarding the same on the internet. There’s also a thread available on Reddit posted by users regarding the Discord Top Secret Control Panel.

As per the user’s word of mouth, the option was placed there by the developers just for fun. It’s nothing to worry about, however, make sure to keep an eye on this page to know the future updates. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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