How To Download Unacademy Videos Free[Quick Guide]

Download Unacademy Videos Free

Download Unacademy Videos Free:- Unacademy is one of the most popular educational platforms in India with over 300,000 students from all over the country. On the platform, you can get specialized courses and lessons to crack various competitive exams that are held in India every year such as IPSC, GPSC, etc. Unacademy has empowered highly professional educators from all over the country and made them accessible to everyone through their platform. So, if you’re planning to appear for any competitive exams in near future or have already begun the preparation for your next academic exams, then consider taking a look at Unacademy and the courses that are available on the platform.

The platform has grown substantially in terms of popularity and user base since its inception. There are numerous courses offered by highly rated educators and lectures on the platform. However, as you may already know, you cannot join the course or watch any of the lessons without purchasing the Unacademy Plus subscription. Of course, the platform aims to provide the best educational content to everyone, however, the subscription charges are on a higher side and not everyone can afford to pay such amounts.

Download Unacademy Videos Free

Therefore, a lot of people have started searching for ways to download Unacademy videos for free on their devices. The number of searches on various search engines around this has been increasing tremendously as the days are passing. Hence, we’ve decided to come up with article showing how you can download Unacademy videos for free of cost on any device without having to purchase the subscription,

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Is It Possible To Download Unacademy Videos For Free

Yes, it’s possible to download Unacademy videos for free of cost, however, you cannot rely on conventional methods to download the videos. Actually, the videos that you find on the Unacademy platform aren’t really videos, in fact, they’re just a mix of voice-overs, animations, and slides that are made using custom software by Unacademy. To put it in simple, you cannot really download videos directly since they’re broken into parts. Unless and until you managed to blend all the parts together in one piece, it will be of no use.

However, we’ve managed to find a few workarounds that can help you download videos from Unacademy for free of cost on any device without any issues. All you have to do is simply follow the instructions mentioned in the below guide and you will be able to download the videos for free. The method shared in this article is fully working as of now, and you can perform it on various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, etc. So, without wasting any further time, let’s go ahead and jump into the guide straight up.

About Unacademy Learning App

App NameUnacademy Learning App
App DeveloperUnacademy
App Updated February 10 2020
Category Education

How To Download Unacademy Videos For Free On Android

In order to download videos from Unacademy, you will have to rely on a third-party video downloading app that we’ve shared in the guide below. The steps to download your desired course video lessons from Unacademy are quite simple and straightforward. However, you must follow all the steps mentioned in the following guide to avoiding any issues in the future.

Method 1:- Using IDM Software 

To download Unacademy videos first you need to install IDM software in your pc. IDM allows you to download data quickly from the internet.

  1. Firstly download the Internet Download Manager in your pc from the given link.
  2. After the installation follows on-screen instructions.
  3. You need to install IDM extension on your browser.
  4. Now Open IDM and go to Options.
  5. You can see a new window go to the general tab and uncheck Use advanced browser integration option. After that click on OK and select No option.
  6. Now reopen IDM and check the Use advanced browser integration option.
  7. Go to the File Types tab you can see the different types of file formats.
  8. Now open Unacademy official site and play the video which you want to download.
  9. Now on your top-right corner, you can see download this video button click on it.
  10. You can see pop up click on the start download button.Download Unacademy Videos Free
  11. That’s it, now you just have to wait for a few minutes for the video to be downloaded on your device.
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Method 2:- Using All Video Downloader 

  1. First of all, you need to download the Unacademy app from the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Wait for the installation to complete, and sign up or login to the app to proceed further in the process.
  3. Now you need to download the All Video Downloader app from the Google Play Store using the link.
  4. Once the download is complete, open the app and grant all the required permissions to finish the setup.
  5. Now launch the Unacademy app on your device and start playing your desired course or video lessons.
  6. While the video is playing, you need to click on the “Download” pop up at the bottom of your screen.
  7. Now select the resolution and the destination where you want the video to be saved on your device.
  8. After selecting all the options, simply Tap on the download option to begin the downloading of your selected video.
  9. That’s it, now you just have to wait for a few minutes for the video to be downloaded on your device.

Note:- It might take some time for the video to finish downloading on your device depending on the resolution you’ve selected and your internet connectivity speed. Please do not pause or interrupt the downloading to avoid issues while playing the video later onwards.

Once the video is finished downloading, you will be able to watch it from the app itself or use any other media player app to watch the video. You can find the video file saved in your file manager if you want to share the video with your friends, In case if this method doesn’t work, then let us know in the comment section below.

To download Unacademy videos on your Windows and Mac you have to download Unacademy app on your PC and Mac.

How To Download Unacademy Videos For Free On Windows

In case you prefer to use your Windows PC to download and watch Unacademy videos, then go ahead and follow the below-mentioned guide properly. As stated earlier in this article, Unacademy videos aren’t really videos, in fact, they’re a mix of various elements such as animations, moving pictures, slides, etc which makes it harder to download them on any device.

Therefore, you need to download a third-party application called Internet Download Manager (IDM) in order to download videos from Unacademy on your windows powered computer or laptop. Using this, you will be able to download any video that is available on Unacademy for free of cost without any hassle. Go ahead with the article to know how to install IDM on your PC and how to download Unacademy videos using IDM.

  1. Go to the official website of the Internet Download Manager on your PC to begin the process.
  2. Move to the Download section on the site and select the appropriate option to begin the download.
  3. Navigate to the Downloads folder on your PC and run the installation file as Admin to begin the installation.
  4. Now grant the admin permission and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.
  5. Once the installation process is completed successfully, open it up and go through the setup process.
  6. Now open up the browser app on your PC and go to the Unacademy page where the video is available.
  7. Start playing the video on the page and an option from IDM to download the video would come up.
  8. Now you just have to select the download option from the pop-up and wait for a few minutes.

The downloading of the selected video will begin on your PC within a few minutes. You may track the progress of the download by opening the IDM app on your desktop. Please do not pause the download in IDM, otherwise, the video may fail to download on your PC or lose quality in the process. Once the video is downloaded, you will receive a notification on your desktop.

Now simply click on the notification on your desktop and select the media player that you want to watch the video. The downloaded video will be saved on your local drive and can be accessed at any time.

How To Download Unacademy Videos For Free On Mac

You cannot follow the above guide to download videos from Unacademy if you’re using a Mac. Unfortunately, IDM doesn’t have a Mac version as of now, therefore, you will have to follow a different procedure if you wish to download videos from Unacademy. In this method, you will have to first download the Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC and add a Video Download helper extension to get the videos from Unacademy for PC.

Go ahead and follow these steps properly in order to download videos from Unacademy on Mac.

  1. Go to the official website of Mozilla Firefox and download the browser for your Mac.
  2. Open up the installation file and follow the instructions to complete the installation of the Firefox browser.
  3. Now go to Mozilla Firefox addons web store and type Video Downloader Helper in the search box.
  4. Download the addon from the web store, it will be automatically added to the browser in a few seconds.
  5. Now visit the Unacademy web page where the video is available and start playing it.
  6. Click on the addon and you will find the option to download the Unacademy video that is currently playing.
  7. Select the destination where you want the video to be saved and confirm to begin the process.
  8. Now you just have to wait for a few minutes for the downloading to complete on your browser.

Once the download process is completed, you can find the video file by going into the file manager and play it using any media player that is available on your Mac. This way, you can download pretty much any video that is available on the internet for free of cost on your Mac. Make sure to create an account or login if you’re an existing user to be able to watch the videos on Unacademy, otherwise, you won’t get the download option.

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Unacademy is a great place where you can find tons of courses and video lessons that will help in your preparation for exams. If you like the videos and courses offered on the Unacademy platform, please consider purchasing the subscription to support the educators and help the platform grow. Until then, you can follow the above-mentioned guides to download videos from Unacademy on any Android, Mac, Windows-based devices.

In case if you’re facing any issues regarding the download process of Unacademy videos on your device or have any further queries, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below.


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