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Fortnite was initially released as a co-op survival game, developed and published by Epic Games, a couple of years ago. The addition of BattleRoyale mode helped the game climb its way to the top position in the list of popularity. To summarize in short, in the BattleRoyale mode, players will directly skydive on a small island with an axe, which could be used to materials by destroying the items in the surrounding. You will have to loot nearby houses and open up hidden chests to collect weapons and hunt other players down before they kill you, and at the same time, you will have to avoid an electrical storm that would slowly take away your health.fortnite voice chat not working pc 2019

It’s quite a fun game, especially if you learn the mechanics and physics of the game while playing with your friends. In squad games, you can communicate with your teammates to take down enemy players effectively. However, we’ve been noticing a lot of players have reported that the Voice Chat in the game isn’t working after the update.I can understand how frustrating it becomes when you don’t get communicate with your teammates in Squad games.

Apparently, you’re not the only one facing these issues, in fact, thousands of players have reported the very same issue in Fortnite community forums. The issue with Voice Chat in the game doesn’t seem to go away even after releasing several patches. Fortunately, I’ve managed to find a few workarounds that could help you fix the Voice chat in the game,

What Is Causing The Issue?

We’ve tried to troubleshoot the issue in order to find its root cause but were out of luck. At the moment, the root cause of the issue is still unknown to us, which is rather unfortunate. However, there could be a few things at your end that might be the cause of voice chat not working in your game. Below is a brief list of speculated reasons as to why your Voice Chat isn’t working in Fortnite.

  • Registry Issues:- Fortnite is known for pushing frequent updates and improvement patches for its players. It’s possible that the updates might have messed up the registries, which in turn is causing the Voice chat feature to not work in the game. You’ll probably have to change or modify the registries in order to solve the issue.
  • Inappropriate Device Selection:- You need to select the proper audio device on your PC in order to use the voice chat functionality in the game. Otherwise, the game would not be able to input the audio or sound from the correct hardware. It’s better to re-check what audio device you’ve selected for Audio on your PC.
  • Outdated Sound Card Drivers:- It’s likely to face issues related to audio in games if you have an outdated sound card driver installed on your PC. It’s always recommended to always have your drivers updated to the latest versions to avoid such glitches and issues.

There are quite a few things that you can do at your end in order to make sure everything is working fine. Go ahead and follow up with the below-mentioned steps to fix the voice chat problem in Fortnite PC.

How To Fix Voice Chat Not Working In Fortnite

Before we jump into the list of solutions, we’d like to make sure you’ve updated Fortnite to the latest version. Also, make sure that you’ve logged on your computer or laptop as Administrator in order to perform the below-mentioned methods.

Method 1: Modify Registry Files

As reported by a lot of players, changing a few elements in the Registry would definitely help you get away with the voice chat not working issue in Fortnite. Please, make sure to perform the following steps carefully as mentioned, you shouldn’t be messing up with other Registry files.

  1. Open up “Run” Program by going into your Start Menu or Hold “Win + R” Key on your keyboard.
  2. Type in “regedit” in the empty dialogue box and hit enter to open “Registry” on your PC.
  3. You need to navigate to the following address in the Registry Window to proceed further.
  4. Go ahead and delete all the files available in these locations from your PC one by one carefully.
  5. Close the Registry and restart your laptop or computer for the changes to take effect.

Note:- In case, if you’re finding it difficult to navigate to the above-mentioned address, then type “Epic Games” in the search bar to find these locations. Make sure to verify the location before deleting its content from your PC.

Now sign in to your Epic account and launch Fornite to see if the issue is fixed. In case if the issue still persists, then go ahead with the next method.

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Method 2: Select The Right Audio Device On Your PC

There are actually a lot of options, available on your PC to output the Audio from applications. It’s possible that you might have selected a wrong output audio device, which might be causing the issue in your game. If that’s the case, then your PC won’t be able to transmit the audio output properly. In such situations, you’ll have to navigate to the Sound options by following the below mentioned steps.

  1. Disable the “Voice Chat” option temporarily in Fortnite to perform this method. (You can turn it back on later)
  2. Go to your Start Menu and open up “Control Panel” on your PC to proceed.fortnite voice chat not working xbox one
  3. Open up “Sound” option or simply type “Sound” in the Start Menu to directly access it.
  4. Navigate to the “Recording’ Tab in the Sound window on your PC.
  5. Select and right-click on the audio device you’re using and set it to default.fortnite voice chat not working chapter 2
  6. Hit “OK” option to save the changes and exit the Control Panel.

Now open up Fortnite and turn your “Voice Chat” options back on by going into game settings. Hopefully, the issue would have been fixed by now. and you should be able to communicate with your teammates properly.

Method 3: Update Your Sound Card Drivers

Having an outdated driver will increase your chances of encountering such issues in games and other applications. Therefore, it’s highly advised to update your drivers to the latest version as soon as possible to avoid such issues. Driver Easy is a third party application that will automatically detect the outdated drivers and update them for you.

You could try its free version to check if you’ve any outdated drivers related to games on your PC. The application will automatically update the drivers to the latest versions with just one click. Go ahead and give it a try, it can also check and update other drivers as well, then just game drivers.

Final Words

Hopefully, you were able to solve the voice chat issue in Fornite by using the above-mentioned methods. You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if the fix is fixed apart from the above fixes.  Make sure to share the article with your friends who might find it useful. Let us know in the comments if you’re not facing any other issues related to Fortnite game on your PC.


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