Games on Franchises to Try on Your iOS Device

Your iOS Device

Lately, it has been really hard to find something interesting to spend time on your phone. Many games get repetitive, and you might find yourself thinking about what else can be there on the app market. iOS devices have a lot to offer if you look hard enough, and most App Store propositions contain options available only to iPhone users or on Your iOS Device.

How to Choose the Best iOS Games

The iOS platform is known for its productivity and power. Many iPhones have up-to-date cores that can run almost any game on the highest graphics settings. When looking for something to play on your IOS device, you should pay attention to the qualities such as:

  • App Store rating;
  • user reviews;
  • system requirements;
  • developers’ screenshots of the game.

To find a good game, you have to go through lots of ads and recommendations from the algorithm. To make it easier, you can scroll through the lists in your Games tab and see the sections that are based on different qualities like free games, top of the month, users’ picks, and many more.

Our Pick of the Finest iOS Games in 2022

After deciding what exactly you want, you can move on to finding just the perfect game. Here you can look at some popular games that have been on the App Store for quite a while and are definitely worth your time.

1.Matrix Awakens

If you are a fan of Matrix and want to explore the city with constant rains in the highest resolution possible, this game is for you. Matrix Awakens download is available for free, although the app is only a demo. There is no exact plot, but you can ride cars and shoot your enemies while enjoying the old-school vibe of the movies. The game can be accessed on different platforms. It was created as promotional material for the Matrix Resurrections that came out in 2021.

2.Among Us

“Don’t be suspicious” is the motto of the game. You can take an adventure with your friends to find out who is the imposter trying to kill everyone on the spaceship. It takes place in a closed building, and your team will be built from strangers. The catch is you will all speak on the voice chat, proving that you are not the one who’s been causing the trouble. The style of the game is simplistic and reminds of children’s cartoons, but that only helps it be entertaining. Among Us can be downloaded for free from your App Store.

3.Final Fantasy VIII

Franchise classic is also on mobile. Final Fantasy is a well-known game that has been on the market for quite a while. Take your part and become a mercenary that will battle their way through the hordes of the enemies, get involved in the intense romance, or just explore the vast world of the Republic of Galbadia. The graphics might seem old, but the game compensates for interesting plot twists and engaging stories. The game is available for free, but it can take up a pretty big amount of space on your phone.

4.Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo is a large company, and its talisman is an original character you must know – Mario. Mario Kart Tour is an amazing battle racer that stands out from the popular console franchise of the same game. Invite your friends and try your luck reaching the first place with your favorite character. The game is easy to navigate and drift around through familiar places.

5.Pokémon Go

Even if you are not into popular games, you are likely to have heard of Pokémon. This online game allows you to become a trainer, and you will be set on your way to catch them all and fight other players worldwide. What is interesting about it is that it uses your camera while you move around, and you can find new Pokémon right in your bedroom. The Poké Balls will hatch only if you walk a certain amount of steps or buy specific upgrading material.

Find Something for Yourself

There are a lot of games you can explore in the App Store. Take your time to find something that suits you, and you will be able to enjoy your adventures on your iOS device. You can try different games, and there will be one that catches your attention.

Which type of games do you prefer to play? What is the best game you have found on the App Store? Please, share your opinion in the comments below. 


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