How to change the Hathway WIFI Password

Hathway WIFI Password

How do I change the Hathway WIFI Password on my router? –  It is a known fact that most of the internet connections come with access with and without a password. Every owner of the router or the user needs to protect the account with the help of a strong password. Most of the people prefer setting up the password in the router login page because it helps in restricting the access completely.

It is widely recommended for users to consider buying a quality router to set up the internet because it plays a vital role to access both wired and wireless features in an effective way. Wifi password is possible to set up in the router login page with the help of a few simple procedures from time to time.

Hathway WIFI Password

It is a known fact that users prefer using a quality router because it offers a wide range of options to use on a regular basis. Router password can be changed with the help of a login or admin page offered by the Internet Service Provider or ISP. There are only a few numbers of internet service providers in India and it is evident that most of the steps in the process remain similar and simple in an easy way.

Most of the modern-day Wifi routers do not allow people to access without setting up the password. Some of the advanced options lets you disable a feature like this, but it is recommended to have it unchanged. As the router plays a vital role in setting up the security elements, it is important to protect with the help of strong passwords.

It is easy for most of the users to avail of the benefit of wired connections because it helps them to access without setting up the password. Not every organization or home prefer to have only wired connection because it decreases the convenience for the user from time to time. 

Why Password Is Important For All Routers

The password plays a vital role in every connection because it can be misused by people without your knowledge. It is a known fact that most of the modern-day routers are available with high range frequencies to enhance the customer experience from time to time.

Some of the organizations prefer using a high range router because it allows them to offer wife or wireless access to the entire organization without hassles. Some of the small-time organizations prefer buying one high range and quality router compared to multiple routers because it enables them to use without wasting the internet data. A strong password helps you protect the internet access to unknown users, who are staying in a nearby location.

The wifi signals spread across in all directions without having much interference from foreign objects. There are plenty of applications available in the market, which gives access to crack wifi passwords easily. Hathway internet is one of the reputed internet service providers in the country, which offers strong access to the internet at low costs.

Most of the consumers prefer buying a high range internet connectivity package because it helps them to enjoy both speed and quality in an effective way. Most of the hathway users use DLink routers because it comes with enough integration options to provide quality connection. 

It is widely recommended for people to take suggestions from internet service providers before buying a router because it allows them to take maximum mileage of the connection and the speed in an effective way. Most of the DLink is known to have enough and compatible options to provide better speed compared to other options.

It is important for users to consider buying a router recommended from the internet service provider because they end up getting better support in terms of access the router control or admin panel from time to time.

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How To Set The Password For Hathway Router

Setting up the password is a challenging task for new users because of obvious reasons. It is evident that most of the new users prefer taking help from the installation professionals or the customer support to set up the password and change the password from time to time. It is widely recommended for users to consider taking help in knowing all the options available on the router page. Knowing all the options in the admin or login page of the router lets you play to enjoy better access.

  1. Ensure to have your router connected to your computer with the help of a wire.
  2. Open the router login page either by entering or in your browser window.
  3. A router login opens, enter the user name and the password provided by the internet service provider (Hathway)
  4. Most of the times, the password remains blank because it helps you access easily
  5. Access security and profile section in the admin panel.
  6. Click on set up a password
  7. Set a strong password and confirm to avoid mistyping the password
  8. It is recommended to use a password filled with alphabets, special characters and numeric digits to ensure strong protection to the account.
  9. Once the password is set, you can use the same on any other device to access the internet connection

How To Change the Hathway WIFI Password

Changing the password once in a while is a wise action performed by every user because it helps you filter any unwanted access provided to devices. Most of the time, people find it easier to crack into the password accidentally or by using certain tools. A regular password change allows you to avoid getting hacked easily. This play a vital role for people to secure the connection in an easy way.

  1. To change the password, one must log in to the admin or login page of the router.
  2. ensure to have your system or computer connected to the router
  3. log in to the control panel or the admin panel with the help of the user name and the password
  4. Password would be blank most of the times
  5. after successfully logging in, navigate to security and profile section in the page
  6. Click on change the password option from the list of options
  7. Change the password, which has numerical characters, alphabets and special characters to have strong protection.
  8. change the password on all the connected devices to enjoy access.


Password is one of the crucial aspects for internet users to maintain because it helps you protect your connection and the identity from time to time. It is recommended for people to set a strong password while setting up initially because it helps you protect from the first day. It is necessary for all users to change the password on a regular basis to avoid any kind of breaches. The above articles give you clear information about both setting up and changing the password through the DLink router.


    • Connect your cable directly to your computer and system and open the router login via IP xxxxxx
      And here you can perform the operations

      Replace xxxx to IP

  1. HI

    • Reset your router, check your router’s default login password, usually printed on a sticker on the router.
      To restart your router
      1. Unplug your router and modem.
      2. Now, plug in your modem and wait for a minute.
      3. Plug your router and wait for 2-3 minutes.
      4. Now check your details.

  2. For a Hathway router model – ZXHNF612W
    IP address is –
    we tried all the default login and passwords available in net but nothing is correct.
    we also don’t have any box which shows username and password.
    Can u help us? (We mistakenly did reset button in router,post that system is not evidencing wifi connection in devices)

  3. There’s no sticker on the router with the username and password. The technician who came for the installation also didn’t give us the username and password. How will I find the username and password for our router?

  4. Hey i am also a user who uses hathway hope u guys get the problem fixed…the username of your router is always admin and the password is the mac address which is actually behind your router a sticker will be pasted all will be usually in caps u have to enter that as the password without entering the – after the each alphabet.
    Hope the problem is fixed


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