Having Trouble Working From Home? Keep These Table Fans Ready

Trouble Working From Home

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride, which has pushed everyone around the globe to stay indoors. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, people are trying their best to work from home in different kinds of situations. From regular power cuts to scorching summer heat, working from home has not been easy. As people are staying indoors, electricity consumption has increased drastically. Having Trouble Working From Home? Keep These Table Fans Ready.

Out of all the electrical appliances, a fan is the most commonly used cooling appliance across the world. A table fan is considered to be an ideal option for people working from home. You can check the table fan price online and then make your purchase. 

A table fan is a small and compact fan that can be easily kept on a desk, table, countertop, or any other study or work platform. Table fans work effectively in smaller areas and are convenient and portable. These fans are capable of delivering amazing spot circulation and can be kept stationary or oscillating as per your needs. 

A table fan has many benefits:

  • Portability

As you are working from home, sitting in one corner for 9 hours can be monotonous. With the portability benefit, you can take the table fan in any corner of the house. 

  • Electrical Extension Cord

A table fan does not need any electrical extension cord while operating. So, if you wish for a scenic workstation, be it the garden or the terrace, you can easily run the fan in such areas as it does not need a plug point. 

  • Less Energy Consumption

A table fan consumes much less energy when compared to a ceiling fan or an air-conditioner. An air-conditioner consumes 900 watts of power whereas a standard table consumes 55 watts of power. 

  • Helps in Ventilating Your Room

Summer months can make your room extremely hot and suffocating. A table fan can help in removing unwanted fumes from indoor areas and ventilate your room. 

Once you have checked the table fan price online, you can also choose a model of a table fan according to your requirements. Listed down below are some models for your reference:

1. Mojo Plus White Table Fan (400MM)

Mojo Plus

Mojo Plus White HS  table fan is one of the best high-speed table fans by Luminous. It consumes 130 watts of power and delivers air at a speed of 2100 RPM. This fan can be mostly used in bedroom or drawing room, or at a commercial space. The monochromatic colours will add a stylish touch to your home. So, experience hi-speed performance and superior air delivery with Mojo Plus White HS Table fan. 

2. Speed Pro Table Fan Red (400MM)

Add a dash of color and comfort to your home décor so you can experience the luxury of work from home. The Speed Pro Table Fan is an ideal companion when you need excellent secondary cooling with compact size and incredible power. With a sweep size of 400 MM, the fan consumes 55 watts of power. It comes with unique features like a stable base, easy tilting mechanism, smooth oscillation, and 3-speed regulator. The motor of the table fan functions at a speed of 1350 RPM. With a wide range of cool colors and a superior premium finish, Speed Pro can add to your style quotient. 

3. Speed Pro Table Fan White (400MM)

Speed Pro

Speed Pro is one of the best selling series of table fans by Luminous. The fan comes with a stable base, and an easy tilting mechanism allows for an even distribution of air circulation. The white color of the fan offers professional office vibes. An extremely affordable range of table fans by Luminous, it comes with a powerful motor that delivers air at a speed of 75 CMM with a motor operating at a speed of 1350 RPM. Experience the sheer elegance and office like vibes at home with Speed Pro White Table Fan. 

As a premium and reputable brand in electrical appliances, Luminous offers an extensive range of table fans that are designed with high-quality material, using the latest technology, to offer amazing air delivery. The Luminous range of table fans is worth experiencing!


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