How do you put CCNA on a resume?

put CCNA

So, you are going to furnish your resume with your CCNA certification. It is a beneficial accreditation; you have succeeded in taking. You will improve your knowledge in Cisco Networking since it gives you an in-depth acknowledgement that you can utilize in your career. When you be certified, you will understand the basics of networking. No doubt, this certification will open the door to opportunities in your career. We all know that the networking world is going different so that you have to represent yourself differently.

How to use your CCNA Skills in your resume?

Yes, your resume will represent you before your employer, so you need to mention your ccna skills for resume. It is essential to describe your skills and expertise in CCNA in your resume in the right way. All the CCNA skills are in high demand in the job industry. Some of them are here.

  • Cisco ASA Firewall
  • Multicasting knowledge IPv6 and IPv4
  • OSI model
  • Unified communication
  • SAN networking knowledge
  • Operation support
  • Routing protocols: BGP, OSPF, EIGRP
  • Networking engineering

How to prove CCNA’s expertise on the resume?

Maintained CCNA acknowledgment technically by attending the academic workshop and getting new product certification

Implemented and developed solutions for clients by maintaining quality customer service

Maintained networking system and equipment, including switches and routers, to ensure proper performance.  

Jobs for which you can apply with CCNA certification

Today, competition has been increased in the job industry. To get more salary, everyone should have extraordinary skills. Some certifications can furnish their resume so that if you are searching for a job, listing certifications on your resume is a wonderful way to help improve your credentials. Employers will consider you to hire for their company. CCNA certification is essential, and it acts as evidence of the skills and experience listed on your resume.

With this certification, you can apply for the technical support, Intern, System Engineer, Network administrator, Web developer, Network engineer, Internee, and many more. 

How to write a resume?

It is essential to write the content of a resume professionally. You must know how to write a simple paper and do professional CV writing and mention your CCNA certification and expertise appropriately. A resume must contain your professional details. If you have decided to learn about the expertise in CCNA certification, then mention it.

Professional Content of the CV

  • CV Writing is a task that should be handled in the correct order. Otherwise, it can be destroyed. The elegant features and essential contents of the CV are as under.
  • The applicant’s name is composed at the top of the authority title.
  • It contains your complete address and contact details in front. 
  • The recent photo is the solid and expert expansion in the CV because it gives a professional approach to your identity. A great degree of professional approach is good for personal sketching. Your explanations and experience ought to be specified after that. 
  • Your accomplishments need to be depicted in a way that makes your CV more alluring.
  • Your scholarly record, alongside concise history, is composed to sanction your aptitudes. It gives positive support to your record. 
  • References are furnished in the CV at the end.

With the ccna skills for resume, you can get a job. 



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