How Online Gaming Companies Incentivise Gamers to Play

Online Gaming Companies

The Cricket ID industry is one of the most competitive on the planet, with new providers popping up all the time to offer much needed competition for the established players in the field. This is great news for gamers, who benefit from the special deals and incentives that competing providers roll out through their platforms from Online Gaming Companies.

However, the tried and tested ways of attracting new customers, as well as the techniques used to retain loyal customers, are becoming less reliable by the day, forcing Online Cricket Betting ID providers to think outside the box.

Here are just some of the innovative ways in which online gaming companies are trying to mop up market share, while at the same time keeping a hold of their most valued customers.

Building a Discord Server

Discord is the communication platform that has become the de facto hub for all things gaming; communities have sprung up on the app, drawn in by features such as live video feeds, audio feeds, and easy-to-use chat functions.

Because of how central the app is to gaming communities of all varieties, it is imperative that gaming companies are plugged into Discord and have some sort of presence there.

Any company looking to gain market share in the online gaming industry needs to be hyper aware of how communities of online gamers interact

Targeting Specific Players with Incentives

One of the age-old ways in which gamers have been incentivized to play online games is to offer them special bonuses and sign-up offers. These are intended to prove to a player that they will receive incredible added value by committing to a certain platform. Such deals are particularly prevalent in the iGaming space, where a plethora of providers are constantly innovating. The sea change in this space has been that companies are now targeting their campaigns as much as possible, with the latest casino bonuses stateside being targeted specifically to US users from certain states. This is because regulations vary greatly between states in the US, meaning that one deal meant for someone in New York State would not be at all relevant to someone residing in California or Colorado.

Having Deals Ratified by Famous Live Streamers

While Discord is the gaming community’s main communication hub and meeting place, Twitch is where gamers and fans of famous Esports players converge to watch non-stop action of the top talent in the world duking it out.

It is for this reason that online gaming companies are always on the hunt for the next big Twitch, This can come in the form of beta and alpha testing or YouTube streamer, who they can sponsor and garner a partnership with. Once the relationship is built, said streamer can then promote the company’s special offers and deals. Because they are coming approved by such an authority figure in the online gaming space, gamers are more likely to trust deals that are presented in this way.

The most dedicated keyboard warriors are always on the lookout for gaming deals which are best suited to them and so providers are creating evermore targeted campaigns

Player Discounts for Testing and Feedback

Another way in which online gamers are being incentivized to play is through providing a service for the gaming company. This can come in the form of beta and alpha testing, whereby players are given free access to a game that is still under development in return for feedback on everything from playability to annoying bugs that need to be fixed.

Once the game is completed and deemed ready for the gaming masses, those players who acted as beta and alpha testers then receive a big discount, so they can take part in the game they played such a pivotal role in creating.

Gamification Within the Games

Gamification is all the rage in online marketing, with companies harnessing its power to draw customers to all sorts of products other than just gaming itself.

That is why many online gaming companies use gamification mechanics in their own B2C campaigns, using things like leader boards and points accumulation competitions to challenge their customer base. This unleashes peoples’ competitive side and keeps them coming back for more.



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