How to boost lead generation with SEO?

lead generation

In the era of digital marketing, several elements are present that can help you to make a successful marketing plan. You need to cultivate interest in your business to build a huge list of potential leads (customers). This process is known as lead generation. SEO is the perfect weapon to boost your lead generation as it is everything about website optimization. The ways to boost your lead are discussed below:

Website auditing:

It is necessary to audit your website to understand what pages are performing fine and which of the pages demand enhancement. Thus, firstly you need to considered website crawling. Several tools are available online for this purpose.

Or you can get in touch with an SEO Agency that offers a website crawler. Use the tools for finding the broken links, meta descriptions, and titles that are more than the recommended character limit, or if it is less than the stipulated character limit, duplicate content, and a lot more for fixing such problems that can impact your ranking negatively.

Monitor the speed of the website:

Fast-loading pages are what the users expect. They are not only significant for the UX (User Experience). A slow-loading website on smartphones or desktops can impact the ranking of your website negatively as well. This will ultimately lead to high exit or bounce rates.

Thus optimize the speed of your website, and make sure it loads on every device, including table, desktop, and smartphones. Optimize your website so that it loads at least within 3-4 seconds.

Do robust keyword research:

The main element of SEO is about having your content connected to relevant keywords. Thus, keyword research plays a vital role in steering your SEO tactics and learning the area of interest of your target audience.

Do not make your content by making assumptions or any abstract terminologies that your audience is not looking for. For the growth of your business, the main keyword(s) need to be identified. You will have to create a list of related queries and terms from that list. The keywords you select must be your SEO content strategy’s building blocks.

The relevant keyword that you use in your blog or article must be in the meta-descriptions and titles of your post. This will make it easier for search engine crawlers to recognize your content.

Monitor your competitors:

Monitor the performance of your competitors. You may place a record of the position of your competitor in search for similar or same queries and evaluate how well that page is performing.

If you notice that your competitor’s page is performing better than you for the same keywords or search terms, dig deep and understand why this is happening. You may take into consideration their post’s structure, backlinks, how the posts are written, and more for the evaluation.

Also, the potential reason might be that your content is outdated and needs to be updated, or the problem may occur from any technical error that is preventing you from ranking higher.

Make a backlink strategy:

Backlinks are produced when multiple websites link to each other. These particular links are important to improve you ranking because it is considered as a credibility vote by the search engines for your content. But not all backlinks are equally ranked. The inbound links must make sense.

So, you need to get backlinks from a trustworthy website having a high domain authority. A backlink will have a positive impact only when it has a ‘rel-=follow’ tag. This is essential for the website crawlers to follow the link to that corresponding site. The ‘rel=nofollow’ does the opposite.

Look inside your site’s present backlink profile and check whether any broken links need to be fixed. This is an easy to boost lead generation and enhance SEO while trying to get high domain authority backlinks from other websites.

You will need to consider the existing relationships that your brand has and look for if there are any opportunities to receive a backlink.


When you create an SEO lead generation strategy, it will not only give your current marketing strategies a chance to succeed in a market that is oversaturated but also future-proof your content by maximizing your opportunities to gather new leas with powerful online visibility and a top-quality user experience. If you are a newbie, you can seek expert advice.


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