How to get A TV watching experience without cable 2022?

TV watching experience

In today’s world, users are seeking out ways to consume television without getting a cable connection. The focus on and need for cordless connections have taken the world by storm opening up new avenues for consuming television. The major role may have been played out by the pandemic too, and the need for variety in what people want to watch. For instance, if you are a Mediacom subscriber then you could always pick up the phone, call Mediacom customer service and ask for plans more suited and tailored to your need.  However, it is final; cable is old and boring for most of the people in the US now and is looking for better options for TV watching experience. 

Why Do You Need Replacement?- TV watching experience

Subscribing to cable is expensive: but not useless. If you like watching TV then cord-cutting is not for you. However, if you do not want cable TV as much, then apart from simply ripping out the cord or canceling the subscription, you can simply condense the number of channels you are subscribing to. It is easy to take the basic channels package only, which would allow you to enjoy the news, informative channels as well as weather updates while you can go for some streaming options on the side.

What Do You Need?

It is a simple thing that needs to be completed before the decision is made. By making a list of what exactly it is about cable that you like, it becomes easier to decide on which service to take on. The new world’s services, as well as devices, have set out to solve a set of problems properly while delivering on certain predetermined promises. To find the perfect fit, the best option is to understand what is being offered properly and how it fulfills the needs that have been identified above.

Some of the few things that cable offers and not others include:

  • The content – what exactly are you watching? Content that is only available on cable TV? Shows that are dedicated only to a certain channel that does not have any contract with streaming services? Do you love watching replays of fan favorites?
  • Live viewing – do you watch live shows such as sports or news? Do you love being the first to watch episodes as they are being aired?
  • The experience – In case you love flipping thorough channels and viewing whatever is on, the cable is the best option that you have.
  • Simplicity – are you technology adapted? Do you hate remembering passwords or paying bills? Do you prefer having one remote, which controls everything?

Best Ways to Stream Content for TV watching experience

Today’s world is filled with what is known as SVOD: Streaming video on demand. These services allow users to select any movie or television show episode from the available ones and watch it on their own time and schedule or in other words, watch it “on-demand.” The only things you need are a smart television or smartphone, a good connection, and an account on these services. Some of the more famous ones are as below:

  • Netflix – This is the oldest and the largest SVOD service all over the world and is the one that needs to be beaten. Netflix has a very large database that comprises movies as well as TV shows, which are not only from different studios but also from all over the world. This allows users to enjoy whatever they want, whenever they want. Another benefit of Netflix is the fact that the entire season or show is uploaded in one go.
  • Amazon – The well-known, e-commerce giant has combined the streaming offerings and offered them along with the Amazon Prime subscribers. Subscribers can view movies, television shows, as well as Amazon original series while enjoying added benefits such as discounts, early access to sales as well as next-day free shipping. Amazon has also started to act as a broker and allow access to other streaming services such as HBO.
  • HBO – While HBO is an easily accessible channel on cable, the streaming service offers the ease of online streaming services. The whole plethora of shows and movies on television is available online as well as exclusive content curated by HBO especially for its streaming service. HBO just expanded its streaming service to include HBO max that offers immediate access to all the content!
  • Hulu – the only downfall of Hulu is the fact that even the paid version has advertisements. The only way to get complete ad-free access is by paying more. The best offerings on Hulu are classics and well-loved shows that are fan favorites!


By now you must have made up your mind and you may want the streaming option for its cost-effective and various base options. Or you could just call up your provider and ask to reduce the channel or tell you about a lower-priced package with a basic channel in news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. But if you are looking for streaming, you need to check with your internet provider and the package you have, to find out if even works out or will your data cap, which is not good as you have to pay more. Likewise, no matter who your provider is, you can call up, ask for such details, and choose what deems you best. 


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