How to Propagate Yeast for Brewing and What Equipment Do You Need?


Yeast is an essential component in the brewing process, responsible for transforming wort into a delicious fermented beer.

While commercial yeast strains can always be found in the market, many brewers prefer to grow their own yeast crops for a variety of reasons: saving money, experimenting with taste and increasing control over fermentation. 

In this article, we will consider the basics of yeast reproduction and the equipment you need for this.

How to Grow Yeast for Brewing?

  • To grow your own yeast, you need to start by finding the right strain of yeast. Also try to create the perfect environment for yeast reproduction. First, you need a yeast propagation tank equipped with cooling, heating and aeration systems.
  • Next, prepare a sterile nutrient solution and then add yeast to it. 
  • The yeast must grow at a certain temperature. During the growth, brewers should provide it with the required amount of nutrients and air. Constant aeration provides yeast with oxygen that promotes growth, and the nutrient solution provides all the necessary elements for productivity.
  • Samples of yeast should be taken periodically to monitor the growth and determine whether it is ready to produce beer.

List of Yeast Propagation Equipment

  • Yeast propagation tank

This is the key equipment used to reproduce yeast. The tank is supplied in different sizes to meet the different needs of the brewery.

We recommend purchasing a stainless steel container that provides the highest level of food safety.

  • Stirrer

It is used to aerate yeast and ensure their uniform fermentation. 

  • Microscope 

It helps brewers monitor the health of the entire crop and determine the optimal harvest time.

  • Temperature controller

Allows maintaining the set temperature required for yeast growth.

  • Erlenmeyer flasks and measuring cylinders

They are used to measure and control the amount of yeast reproduced.

  • Sanitizers

This includes various disinfectant solutions and alcoholic napkins that effectively clean all surfaces.

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The company specializes in beer equipment, so here you can find everything necessary to set up the brewing process!


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