How to start filming YouTube videos_ step by step instructions

start filming YouTube

Today a lot of Internet users want to start their own channel on YouTube, but more often than not they do not know how to do it. In this article, we will tell you how you can effectively start your activities on a popular video hosting and whether you need to buy YouTube subscribers at the initial stage. Read on to the end of this article for some helpful tips on how to create a video and start filming YouTube and what to look out for after you publish your content.

Deciding idea and format – start filming YouTube

If you have never filmed or published a video before, then most likely it is difficult for you to decide on an idea for your channel. Firstly, there are many of them, and secondly, you already have a clear dream of becoming a popular blogger, but the question of what topic to shoot the first video on drives you into depression. Often newbies think more about how they will spend their first earnings to buy real YouTube subscribers, but not about what their format will be.

To begin with, you can shoot a video about how you choose your topic and format, show the process of becoming you as a blogger. Don’t worry if your first videos aren’t very high quality and look professional. This is a typical practice for every content maker.

Follow perhaps one of the most important rules for the YouTube algorithms: consistency is important. In other words, if you have chosen a publication schedule for yourself, then follow it, because your subscribers will be waiting for the next release on a specific day.

Choosing camera and microphone

Many budding bloggers immediately start thinking about choosing a camera and microphone. They all watch a large number of reviews, and are eager to buy this technique for themselves. And then a lot of what they buy is in the closet and waiting for its moment. Indeed, at the beginning of the journey, the pro mode does not immediately turn on, but everything works like, then on emotions, and inspiration.

Filming process

So the filming process begins. Try to discipline yourself from the first days and learn to plan the days you will devote to filming. Most often, bloggers post videos two to three times a week, for example on Wednesday and Sunday. You can choose any schedule convenient for you and follow it. The main thing is not to try to publish content every day in the first month, and then suffer from burnout and lack of ideas.

How to create a video: step by step instructions

Search for a topic

For every video you follow, you need to look for a topic if you still don’t have a content plan for weeks or months. Even if you did it, you may not always have time to prepare and in this case, you can apply a little improvisation.

Experts often say that you need to look for trends in your niche or search for keywords. Most content makers know how to do this, as they do it in other projects, but these SEO skills sometimes do not help in the preparation stage. Therefore, even if you found a great topic, it does not mean that you can tell it on camera. Preparation and study of the topic is required.

Preparing the script.

The script consists of several stages:

  • Hook. There is no need to greet the viewer at the beginning of the video, as your task is to draw attention to the main content. Try to surprise the viewer in the first 5-10 seconds;
  • Then you can put a graphical splash screen for your channel with the name of the channel, the so-called intro. It should not be done, it is too long, 5-10 seconds is enough;
  • Next, a greeting, and you can start showing and telling the main content;
  • At the end, be sure to urge the audience to take some action. Invite them to leave comments, subscribe to the channel.

YouTube analytics- start filming YouTube

It’s better to tune in to a small number of views right away. The main thing is to pay attention to the number of minutes that the viewer devotes to your video. If he, like in many videos of novice bloggers, does not stay longer than one minute, then from that moment you will start your growth. Yes exactly! Because you will immediately lose the idea that you like yourself and your content is great! This metric will show how things really are. You will start to think about what else you can add to your video to keep the viewer.

We thank you for reading this article to the end. If you want to know more useful information about the development of social networks and modern technology, then read our website every day!


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