Juniper Networks Cloud Certification Pathway

Cloud Certification

In the last few years, we’ve seen many new technologies that have revolutionized the world of information technology with their amazing features and benefits. It can be safely said that Cloud computing is among the most talked-about technologies lately. Cloud computing has seen enormous growth in the last decade. More and more businesses are adopting cloud computing platforms. Besides the new businesses, the pace of transition of the existing businesses to the cloud platform is phenomenal. The reason behind this success is the features offered by cloud computing that have made businesses much more productive and powerful with Cloud Certification.

Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology that offers extreme flexibility and convenience to businesses in terms of IT infrastructure (both hardware and software). It allows businesses to opt for IT infrastructure facilities as pay-as-you-go services. It sets the business free from maintaining expensive on-premises iT infrastructures. Organizations can obtain IT services like Compute. Networking, Storage, and Software remotely over the internet from some distant servers at data centers by the cloud service provider. It allows them to upscale or downscale their services according to their requirements. They are charged only for the time interval they use the services.  

Cloud computing is a mix of hardware, software, and networking infrastructure. It requires state-of-the-art compute and networking hardware besides the best software. Cloud computing infrastructure needs to be always available as it is the lifeline of multiple businesses. No downtime or fault is acceptable, that is why it requires the world’s best quality hardware.  

 Juniper is among the market leader in internetworking, security, and cloud infrastructure equipment and solution provider. Established in the year 1996, the California-based company gained global recognition very soon after its inception. Juniper Networks soon earned the trust of customers like Alcatel and Ericsson. Due to its quality and competitive prices, Juniper Networks gained 38% of the core router market share worldwide. Now Juniper makes routers, switches, firewalls, and other related networking hardware.

With the evolution of cloud computing, Juniper Networks entered into the cloud computing networking infrastructure market and kept its tradition of success there. Now Juniper Networks is among the world leaders in providing internetworking, security, and cloud infrastructure products. Like IBM and Cisco, Juniper Network has also put a great emphasis on professional training. Juniper offers multiple platform-specific courses that are widely recognized by the industry. Juniper Networks offers a comprehensive certification portfolio that covers multiple platform-specific skills at multiple professional levels. 

Juniper offers the following certification tracks.

  • Automation and DevOps
  • Cloud
  • Design
  • Data Center
  • Enterprise Routing and Switching
  • Mist AI
  • Security
  • Service Provider Routing and Switching

There are four different levels of certifications in these tracks, that are:

  • Associate Level
  • Specialist Level
  • Professional Level
  • Expert Level

In this article, we will take a look at the Juniper Networks Certification program in general and the Cloud Certification  Path in particular. 

Cloud Certification Track

The Cloud Track of the Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) allows learners to demonstrate competency in cloud networking topologies such as multi-clouds, software-defined networking, SD-WAN, and other cloud technologies. Successful applicants may show that they know how to deploy, implement, and configure Juniper Networks cloud technologies.

Juniper Cloud Certification Path

  • Associate (JNCIA-Cloud)
  • Specialist (JNCIS-Cloud)
  • Professional (JNCIP-Cloud)
  • Expert (JNCIE-Cloud)

Exam Details

The JNCIS-Cloud exam is an expert-level certification exam, the current exam code is Juniper JN0-412 is a Pearson VUE administered exam. The exam duration is 90 minutes (One and a half-hour). The exam format is a multiple-choice, multiple answers test. The total number of questions in the exam is 65. The Pass/fail status is available immediately. 

Passing The Exam

Certification exams are always a great way to prove one’s skills in a convincing manner. At the same time certification exams are not a piece of cake either. One needs to possess certain technical skills, knowledge, and experience. A candidate is supposed to be coming from the same technical background. Without these prerequisites, a certification can be useless as well as very tough to earn. On the other hand, if you have practical experience and background in that particular field, it can be earned easily, with a little focused preparation. 

Technical certification is usually a certain product or skill-centric. That makes it much more to the point. Preparation for a certification exam requires a good plan in the first place. As it is a little bit different from conventional academic exams, so the conventional preparation methods are not much helpful in these exams. But there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s not that it is very difficult. All a candidate has to do is to understand the exam format and questioning methodology. Once the exam methodology is clear, the candidate can prepare for the exams efficiently. For a certification exam, the candidate needs to obtain the updated course content and exam layout. The certification vendor is the best place to get the latest updates about the certification. After getting the latest exam layout, the next thing is the course study material and training. 

The updated study material for the JN0-412 exam can be obtained from The complete exam package for the JN0-412 exam by ExamsTrust contains PDF guides and Testing Engine. The study content by ExamsTrust is designed according to the guidelines provided by Juniper Networks. 

All the training material by ExamsTrust is covered by a money-back guarantee for sure success in the JN0-412 exam on the first attempt. The JN0-412 Dumps and Questions Answers by ExamsTrust are professionally compiled to assist the candidate in practicing for the real exam. The updated training material and a focused preparation are the key to success. 


Cloud  Technology has revolutionized corporate computing over the past few years. There is a huge demand for skilled cloud professionals in the market. Juniper Networks is among the top infrastructure and solution providers in Internetworking, Security, and Cloud. Juniper certifications are among the value career-oriented credentials in the job marketplace. Cloud, Specialist (JNCIS-Cloud) is a mid-tier professional qualification in the Juniper Cloud domain. This single exam certification can be earned with  a single exam JN0-412 Exam



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