Nintendo Switch Owner? Top Esports to master in – check here!

Esports to master

In recent years, the scope of success for gamers in the context of both wealth and fame has increased. Above all, thanks to the Nintendo Switch online version, now players all over the world can play games for free and enter eSport tournaments if they reach the point of excellence. But are there any Nintendo Switch games that are part of eSport global tournaments? Esports4U experts have brought us a complete list of eSport games which Nintendo Switch owners can practice and excel in. So, without any further stir, let’s begin the countdown: 

#1: Fortnite – Old School eSport

Believe it or not, eSport viewers all over the world are arguing over – whether or not Fortnite will become an eSport in the upcoming years. Since the release of Fortune, many competitor games have come across, such as Dota Two and League of Legends. However, Fortnite players have kept their ground rigid and unbreakable. So far, the argument is working in favor of Fortnite. According to the present-day statistics, this game has up to 12 million active players every day. Yet, of course, this figure is quite less (almost half) as compared to legendary games like PUBG and Call of Duty. But, Nintendo Switch users can expect to see a Fortnite world championship in the upcoming years. 

#2: Splatoon Part II 

More often than not, Nintendo Switch Owners complain about how it does not have any top-notch games that could enter eSports! But, today, we are proud to pronounce that soon enough, Splatoon II will become a part of the global eSports industry. Not long ago, Nintendo invested in varsity games. As a result, Splatoon II is already a part of the Rocket League and other national-level eSport events. Therefore, if you begin practicing Splatoon II, you will reach there just in time to enter the biggest Nintendo Switch tournament of all time. Want to bet? 

#3: Super Smash Bros – Ultimate!

The best part of this ranking is that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is already a part of the eSports Industry. In 2020, many teams entered the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament called GENESIS 7 held in Oakland, California. The prize pool of the tournament was subsequently less than other eSports. However, it appears like Nintendo Switch games are getting in. So, if you love Super Smash Already, it is the best time to start practicing. In the upcoming years, Super Smash’s other versions will also be a part of eSports history. And trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this big opportunity. For the most part, it will deliver a hardcore competition because this game is built on 89 players who fight on a single battlefield. 

#4: Mario Kart Eight Deluxe

Without a doubt, Mario Kart by Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful series of games out there. With each new part of Mario Kart, players have new surprises coming. Henceforth, making this game unpredictable and fresh enough for players to spend weeks over it. To the reader’s surprise, in 2022, Nintendo Switch will announce Mario Kart Eight Deluxe high school level championship. Thanks to this opportunity, a lot of amateurs who want to build a career in gaming will have a perfect pathway. It will definitely take time for Mario Kart’s latest part to reach up to the level of other esports akin to (LoL) League of Legends and Hearthstone. But the potential is there!

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying for eSport career seekers? 

To begin with, in the past few years, the entire eSports industry has grown like wildfire. To your surprise, top-notch games like Overwatch have an entire 29-week dedicated league which is followed by millions of onlookers all over the world. In comparison, Nintendo Switch invested tournaments are not rigid. Recently, Nintendo shut down its tournament because of its clash with LoL and other eSport tournaments. Thus, the answer is No. In the event that you are casting around for a career as a pro gamer in eSport, you have a good chance of grasping viewers for yourself and building a team by picking games like Overwatch, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Dota Two. 

The main ground is that up until now, no Nintendo Tournament has been international. From this perspective, buying a Nintendo Switch this decade will not work out for the best. 

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