Parental Control Apps for Your Phone

Parental Control Apps for Your Phone

Internet use today is getting more popular and applicable to all ages. The young generation is most active on the internet. However, internet space is not that safe for kids. All kinds of harmful and malicious content are not ideal for children. Parents need to take extra measures to ensure that their kids are watching clean content online. There are some parental control Apps for your Phone that you can use to ensure that they limit their kids’ exposure to only allowed sited. Besides such apps, you can also check get a help if you ever need someone to write my term paper.


Below are a few parental control Apps for your Phone.


Qustodio – It is a user-friendly tool to monitor your kids’ activity online on different operating systems that include Android, iOS, and windows. 


Kaspersky Safe kids – It has full features for parental control both on mobile and desktop devices. There is an unlimited number of devices you wish to monitor, and it comes at an affordable price. 


Norton Family Premier – This app has several features and is easy to use. You can use it to monitor multiple devices. Please note that it does not support Apple devices.


Boomerang – This app work both on iOS and Android devices. With this, you can monitor your kids’ activities on their mobile, apps, and web activity. Its drawback is that you can only use it to track the activity on mobile devices. 


Circle Home Plus – The app helps you monitor the home network and all the devices connected to it. However, it can be manipulated, and I do not have excellent reporting features like the apps mentioned above.


Mobicip – With this app, you get the essential tools to monitor your kids’ mobile and web activity.


Ways to monitor your children’s mobile devices


If you want to keep tabs on your child’s online activity, the parental control app is the way to go. Here are things to do.


Subscribe to the service


Most apps require either a monthly or an annual subscription fee. Paying for the subscription allow you to have access to the various features for device monitoring. 


Web filtering


You should be aware of the various sites to block. Most apps come with a proprietary browser that helps you manage browsing activity. It helps give you the ability to reverse engineer the browsing activity and block the sites you disapprove of, and you may not have been aware.


Time restriction and app blocking


Sometimes the kids spend too much time online, and you may need to put a time limit to their online activity. With the parental control apps, you can set time for access and block some of the apps that you deem not helpful or regulate its frequency. 

Emergencies and location reporting


Choose an app that can give you the devices’ location and the history of the device movements. Norton and Qustodio have this feature and can allow you to set a boundary of how far the devices can move. Such that if they cross the boundary, you get a notification.




With the robust advancement in the digital age, there is a need to keep our kids in check. There are so many harmful and inappropriate content on the internet that parents need to protect their kids against. Parental control tools are the best solution to it. Use the above tips and parental control Apps for your Phone to protect your kids.


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