How To Share Screen On Discord

discord screen share in server

How To Share Screen On Discord: Discord is probably the most favored app for voice communication out of all the options available on the internet. The app is mostly used by gamers to communicate with their teammates in games over the internet. Of course, you can use the discord app even if you’re not a gamer or related to games. Discord is a free communication platform available for everyone and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  The platform allows people to create and set up large gaming, business, and social groups without any hassle. Once the server is created, you can share its link for other people to join or directly invite your users from your friend list in the server.discord screen share in server

Using the discord client, you can initiate text chat or voice call with your friends or family members on PC. In short, Discord is a feature-rich platform that allows anyone to set up large servers or join servers created by others for free. You don’t need to pay any money to use the platform since it’s completely free as of now.

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What Is Discord Screen Sharing?

Most of the people that use Discord aren’t actually aware of the fact that you can share your screen with other Discord users. In fact, they will be able to see your actions in real-time without any delays or lags. The best part of Discord is that it doesn’t require any additional software installation in order to share your screen with other users.

The person you’ve called will be able to see your actions, and at the same time, you will be able to see the actions done by other people in real-time. In addition to this, you also be able to video chat with your friends along with screen sharing. I personally find this feature to be amazing and super useful, but unfortunately, many people do not know how to make use of this feature of Discord.

So, if you’re also looking for a simple and easy to understand guide on the Discord screen-sharing process, then you’ve stopped at the right place. By the end of this article, you will learn how to share your screen with other Discord users and also video chat with them simultaneously. Make sure to follow the instructions in the guide properly.

Requirements For Discord Screen Sharing

The entire screen sharing process is quite easy and simple, in fact, it wouldn’t take more than a minute to setup. However, In order to share your screen with other users via Discord, you will have to make sure the following requirements are available on your PC.

  • You should have an active Discord account in order to make calls.
  • You must be using a PC in order to use the live screen sharing feature.
  • The person whom you wish to call must be in your friend list.
  • Make sure you have good internet connectivity to avoid any issues while screen sharing.
  • You should have a working Microphone in order to speak with the other user.
  • If you are facing discord screen share no audio then you have the option for enabling your sounds while screen share mode.

Unfortunately, the screen sharing feature is available on PC only. You cannot follow this method on the Discord mobile app. Now you’re ready to jump into the process after all the above-mentioned requirements are ready.

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How To Share Your Screen On Discord

It’s recommended to use the Discord client on your PC for sharing your screen with other users. However, you can also use the web version if you don’t want to download the Discord standalone client on your PC. Make sure to perform all the below mentioned steps properly to start screen sharing process on your PC via Discord. Some of the users are complaining about discord screen share audio not working then make sure you enable your sound option to get rid of this issue.

Step 1:- Go ahead and download the Discord client app on your PC if you wish the client a rather web version. Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions provided by the installation wizard to install the Discord client properly.discord screen share audio

Step 2:- Launch the Discord client or go to the official site of Discord and login into your Discord account by entering your credentials to proceed further in the process.

Step 3:- Go to your friend list and select a friend that you wish to share your screen with. Make sure the friend you’ve selected is online and has all the above-mentioned requirements to avoid any trouble later to enable screen share on discord server

Step 4:- Initiate text chat with your friend and click on the “Phone” icon in order to make a voice call (The icon will be situated right next to the name of your friend.)How To Share Your Screen On Discord

Step 5:- Once the voice call interface shows up, select the “Monitor” icon to initiate screen sharing with your friend. (The icon will be located right below the name of your friend on the voice call interface)discord screen share link

Step 6:- On the next screen, you will have to select the frame rate and the quality of the stream to start screen sharing with the friend you’ve called. They will now be able to see your actions on the screen in real-time.

Note:– You can also add other users who are in your friend list to the video chat to share your screen with multiple people simultaneously. Please keep in mind that you cannot select a higher frame rate and stream quality if you’re a free Discord user.

You must be a Discord Nitro member in order to select the maximum stream quality and frame rate in screen sharing. Discord Nitro is a monthly subscription service that will unlock additional features to you on the platform such as Higher stream quality and frame rate, etc.

Final Words

Screen Sharing feature on Discord is quite helpful, especially if you’re a gamer and want to show off your gameplay with your friends. Enjoy discord video chat feature.Apart from gaming, you can also use the screen sharing feature for business meetings as well for casual hangouts with your group of friends. Make sure to let us know if you’re facing any issues in the process.


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