Speedify Review 2022 – Doe’s it Really Speed Up Your Internet Speed?

Speedify Review

We all know a VPN helps us to unblock websites and protect our privacy when using the Internet. But, when a VPN provider tells you that it’ll speed up your Internet connection, you might think about it. That’s why we came up with the Speedify VPN review.

In this article, we’ll review Speedify, which is a freemium VPN available for multiple platforms. So, if you are thinking to install and use this VPN on your preferred device, or if you want to upgrade to the premium plans of Speedify VPN, then read this review completely.

Below, below, we have described everything about this VPN. What are the features, how you can get it, and most importantly, is it worth getting a subscription to Speedify VPN? If you want to know all these answers, then you can keep reading. Below, we have described the details about this VPN app.

Note: We have tested this VPN ourselves and came to a conclusion. So, everything we mention in this article will be completely based on our real-life experience. We don’t have any affiliate with Speedify nor they have sponsored this article. So, it’ll be a completely unbiased review from us.

Now, without talking more, let’s get into the review of Speedify VPN.

Speedify VPN Overview

VPN NameSpeedify
Servers50+ Different Servers Worldwide
Unblocks Website/Apps?Yes
Unblocks Streaming ServicesNo
P2P Support?Yes
PricingFreemium (2GB Free, then Paid)
Available forAndroid, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, iPad
No Logging Policy?Yes
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email
Money Back Guarantee?30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Official Website

What is Speedify VPN?

Speedify Review

Speedify is a freemium VPN available for multiple platforms and operating systems. However, unlike other VPN apps, they help you to use two or more Internet connections at the same time. Just like any other Premium VPN apps, it has all the features like worldwide servers, hide IP, no logs policy, etc.

However, the feature that makes Speedify different than any other VPN apps is the multiple connection use feature. Let me elaborate more about it.

Usually, you have seen on smartphones or computers that it’s not possible to use your Wi-fi and Mobile data connection at the same time. Usually, the smartphone doesn’t allow the users to use multiple connections to connect to the Internet at the same time. So, you can either use a Mobile data connection, or a Wi-fi connection to connect to the Internet and browse the web.

However, Speedify helps you to bypass this limitation. Because, with Speedify, you can connect to multiple networks (Wi-fi, Cellular, Ethernet, Satelite, Tahtherd phone, etc) at the same time.

You might be thinking about what you’ll get by connecting to multiple networks? Well, this will help you if you have a slow Internet connection. How? Let me tell you that as well.

When your device uses Wi-fi and Mobile data or other Internet connections at the same time, you’ll get more Internet speed than using these connections individually. So, in that way, it’ll help you to boost your Internet speed.

Let’s say you are getting 5 MBPS speed on Wi-fi and 3 MBPS speed on cellular data, what Speedify will do is, it’ll combine these network connections and boost the speed. So, you’ll get approximately 8 MBPS speed with Speedify enabled.

Below, we have described more details about the features of Speedify. So, before reading the final review of Speedify, you can see what are the features that you get with this VPN.

Speedify VPN Features

VPN Servers

Speedify has its VPN servers all over the world excluding China. You’ll get VPN servers in various countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. So, for geo unblocking, it’ll help you to unblock various contents on the Internet. You can connect to your preferred VPN server and use the Internet with maintaining your privacy. However, the speed of each VPN server won’t be the same for obvious reasons. You’ll get fluctuating speed and latency when switching from a VPN server to another. It is recommended to connect to a VPN server located nearby your location. It could be your nearest country as well.


Speedify helps you to unblock various websites and apps on the Internet. So, you can unblock government blocked websites as well as unblock apps that are not available in your country or region. However, for streaming services, we have described if you can unblock OTT platforms with Speedify VPN or not below. But when it comes to website blocking, Speedify VPN helps you to unblock the Internet without any issues. You can also bypass school or work restrictions with this VPN and unblock content without any issues.

Safe Internet

Although most people use a VPN to unblock restricted content, it’s important to protect our privacy when using the Internet. And you can use any VPN to do that including Speedify VPN. Speedify helps you to hide your real IP when browsing the Internet. So, if you want to browse the Internet without worrying about IP leaks or tracing, or spying, then you can use this VPN. Also, if you connect to public Wi-fi like a coffee shop or shopping malls Wi-fi regularly, then you can hide your IP when connecting to a public Wi-fi and Speedify will help you to protect your privacy by hiding your real IP.

Speed Up Internet

If you have a slow Wi-fi connection and a slow Mobile cellular data connection, then you can combine these Internet connections together and get a stable and good Internet speed. So, this feature makes Speedify different than other VPN providers. Especially if you want to do live streaming, then it’ll help you a lot. Because, with a slow Internet connection, live streaming might be lag. So, the main motive of Speedify VPN is to provide live streamers with a smooth experience. This VPN app works with the below live streaming services where you can get an Internet speed boost for a smooth streaming experience.

Internet Kill Switch

If you want to be completely anonymous when using the Internet, the Internet kill switch feature of Speedify will help you a lot. Because, when you disconnect a VPN connection, it also ends the protection that you were getting because of the VPN. So, maybe it won’t affect browsing privacy, but the apps running in the background might collect your IP information and other details. What the Internet kill switch of Speedify does is disconnect the Internet when you disconnect the VPN connection. So, it makes sure that your privacy is protected.

No Logging Policy

No logging policy is an essential feature that every VPN app should get. However, with free VPN apps, you don’t get this feature. But Speedify has it. With the no-logging policy, Speedify won’t collect your browsing history, DNS details, servers you connect, etc. So, your privacy will completely be safe when using this VPN connection to browse the Internet.

Build-in DNS Connections

There are built-in DNS connections are available on Speedify. So, if you want to switch from Cloudflare DNS to Google DNS or Adguard DNS, you can do that easily using the Speedify VPN. It’ll help you to switch DNS connections quickly on your preferred device. You’ll get the option in the Speedify app itself.


The user interface that you get with Speedify is impressive. Because there are various options available on the Windows and Android app of this VPN. We can call the interface of Speedify user-friendly because of the simple and straightforward options. If you don’t want to use the extra features of this VPN, you can just connect to the VPN server and leave the feature’s default.

Free Trial

With the free version of Speedify, you’ll get 2GB of Internet data every month without even any account. So, before getting the premium plan of this VPN, you can try the free trial and decide if you want to get a Premium plan or not.


When it comes to encryption, Speedify has military-grade encryption for the users.


When it comes to availability, Speedify VPN is available for almost every major operating system. You can even get this VPN for Rasberry Pi and use it. Below, we have provided the list of the supported operating systems of Speedify. However, this VPN is not available as a Chrome extension. So, you can’t use Speedify as Chrome VPN.

  • Windows
  • Android
  • macOS
  • iOS and iPad
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Speedify has email and live chat customer support available. So, for any queries, you can email their team or chat with them on the official website of Speedify. The customer support is okayish. So, for any help, you can contact their customer support and get assistance from them.

Speedify VPN Pricing

Coming to the pricing part when we review Speedify VPN. When it comes to pricing, Speedify VPN has 3 different plans for different needs. The first one is, Individual plan, then you get the Family Plan, and then comes the team or enterprise plan.

In each plan, you’ll get the same features mentioned above. However, in the Family Plan and Teams plan, there are some extra features. Below, we have described the plans in detail.

Speedify Review

Individual Plan

This Plan of Speedify VPN is for a single person. Because it allows only one person to connect to the VPN server at a time. But, there’s a catch. Because you can use the same Speedify account on up to 5 devices.

So, although the name of this plan is an Individual plan, it’s possible to share your account with others and connect up to 5 devices at once. There’s no limit on bandwidth. So, you can use it as much time as you want. The individual plan of Speedify VPN will cost you $7.49/month. And if you get the annual plan, it’ll come to $89.99/year with some discount.

Family Plan

This plan of Speedify VPN is good for you if you want to share this VPN with your family members. Although the individual plan allows you to connect up to 5 devices, sometimes, each family member has different devices like a Phone, Laptop, etc. So, if you want to share Speedify with your family members, and want more than 5 simultaneous connections, then you can get this plan.

The extra feature that you get with this plan is the Admin dashboard. With the admin dashboard, you can add up to 5 members to this VPN and give access to them. And those 5 members can use Speedify simultaneously on every 5 devices. That means, with the family plan, you’ll be able to use this VPN simultaneously on 25 devices. It’ll cost you around $270/year for normal pricing and $189 if you get the holiday deal that’s running on Speedify.

Team Plan

If you want to get Speedify for your company or enterprise uses, then the Team plan will be good for you. Because, in this plan, there’s no limit on simultaneous connection. So, you can add your team members to the account management dashboard that you get with this plan and connect as many devices as you want.

There are also option to add a dedicated server in the team plan of Speedify VPN. However, you have to pay extra if you want to get a dedicated server. There are also features like Teams Management API, URL API for Mobile Apps, Command-Line Libraries are available on the team plan exclusively. If you want to get the Team Plan of Speedify, you have to spend $14.99/month or $89.99 if you bill annually.

Speedify Speed Test

We did a speed test on the Android device of Speedify. You can see the below-attached screenshots to get an idea about the before and after speed that you get with Speedify.

Speedify Review

Speedify Review

As you can see, it actually increases the Internet speed as it uses both Wi-fi and Mobile Internet data at the same time. So, that’s the speed review of Speedify VPN.

Speedify for Netflix and other Steaming Services

Well, if you want to unblock Netflix or other popular streaming content, then there’s bad news for you. Because it might not be able to unblock streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

They have clearly mentioned on their website that Speedify won’t be able to unblock content from these platforms. However, one option that they have given to users is, users can turn of Speedify for Netflix and other platforms so that their Internet connection connects directly to the streaming server.

So, it just bypasses the VPN server and connects with your regular server so that you can get access to these streaming platforms when Speedify is enabled.

Speedify VPN Pros & Cons

What we Liked
  • Helps to use Mobile Data and Wi-fi at the same time
  • Offers free 2GB data every month
  • Wide Range of VPN servers
  • User-friendly UI
What we didn't Like
  • No support for Netflix, Hulu, and other OTT platforms
  • P2P torrenting connection is not stable

Speedify Ultimate Review – Is it Worth to Get the Premium Subscription?

Now, here comes the conclusion of the Speedify review. Whether you should get the premium plan of this VPN or not? Well, if you have a really bad Internet connection, and you want to use mobile data and Wi-fi connection at the same time, then you can use this VPN. Other than that, you can skip it.

Why? well, there are various reasons. Although you can bypass Internet restrictions, it doesn’t allow you to unblock Netflix and other platforms where other VPN providers provide this feature. Also, the torrenting connection might not be stable with this VPN. Our suggestion would be to try the Speedify VPN on your preferred device and then see if the premium plan is beneficial for you or not. However, this VPN manages to bypass PUBG restrictions and you can use it as a PUBG VPN.

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