The Average Web App Development Cost

App Development Cost

Due to the fast development of the mobile and Internet applications market, developers receive orders not only from large corporations but also from small companies or individuals. Each potential customer is interested in simple questions – how much does Web App Development Cost and what does the client get for this money. Given the high level of competition in the market for these services, most developers have long compiled a price list with an average price for creating applications.

It must be said that until recently, representatives of the companies could not name the amount before starting working since it was influenced by many direct and indirect factors.

Instead of a specific answer to the question “How much do your services cost”, the potential customer received abstract explanations, which gave rise to many misunderstandings.

In this regard, the market for the development of mobile and Internet applications for a long time stood still and did not develop at the right rate.

What factors affect the App Development Cost?

The cost of a well-designed Web application is influenced by many factors, the analysis of which allows you to accurately calculate the final price. Below are all the criteria by which an estimate is made for the customer.

Scope of application

The price directly depends on the scope of the developed application. This is determined by a set of basic functions. To save money for the customer, the developers recommend initially considering the creation of a skeleton of an intellectual product, which is called MVP, that is, a minimum viable product.

The basis of the development is a set of basic functions that are required by the client to run the application and use it. Further, at the request of the customer, the terms of reference are supplemented, and other functions are added for the already installed application.

Design, UX, and User Interface

The profitability of the application, as well as the possibility of introducing paid settings, directly depends on the competitiveness of the product.

In turn, the quality of the software depends on the design and convenience of the interface for the intended users. As a rule, application design is made using HTML and CSS standards.

The price of the product depends on the number of templates for the background, the availability of graphic images, 3D visualization, and animations of varying complexity.

Most often, developers don’t recommend using hopelessly outdated and cheap graphic designs as the basis for the app, as the product can cause user rejection. At the same time, the choice of budget for the design of the user’s environment largely depends on the purpose and function of the program.

The main target of the developer is to draw up such an offer for the customer, which will allow you to simultaneously give the expected result and optimize the budget as much as possible.

The niche occupied by the future product

It is important to determine the target audience of the application and what niche the owner of the intellectual product plans to occupy in the business. There are entertainment applications, as well as programs focused on helping with sales, creating advertising, marketing schemes, or highly specialized applications for limited use.

In the case of designing the information environment and the necessary user interface for the online store, ready-made schemes from already promoted sites are used. Here it should be taken into account that the high popularity of any platform provides an influx of customers to a new market player, provided that its application largely repeats the developments of the leader.

In the case of professional programs, the web development cost should also include the need for staff training, since this requires the organization of classrooms, remuneration of teachers, as well as time to fully master the new IT environment.

Countries where the app is intended to be used- App Development Cost

The location and residence of the development team directly affect the price.

Specialists from Australia or the USA value themselves more than others, and the average rate per hour of work can exceed 80 – 150 dollars.

When contacting professionals from Western Europe, the customer must be prepared to pay up to $100 per hour.

If there are talented developers in Russia, the cost of their services can drop to 30 – 50 dollars per hour. The same applies to Ukraine, Belarus, as well as many countries of Eastern Europe.

When researching the Internet, it is also fashionable to find offers from authors from 5 – 10 dollars per hour, and some of them, being beginners, offer good products.

At the same time, a potential customer in such situations has a risk of associating developments with unprepared people who will not be able to give the promised result.

Average Web App Development Cost

With a detailed analysis of the market for services for the development of Web applications, the following basic prices can be distinguished:

  •         The simplest applications can be both parts of complex programs and stand-alone tools for performing primitive functions, such as interactive calculators for defining the amount of product. Such applications, as a rule, are developed from scratch in no longer than 1 – 2 months, and up to 2 – 3 people are involved in their creation. The customer will have to pay up to 10 thousand dollars for this work.
  •         Websites of online stores or applications for servicing customers for the purpose of running a small or medium-sized business – from 15 to 35 – 40 thousand dollars. It takes more than 3 months to develop the algorithm, and in a team of 5 – 7 people, there are not only engineers but also content managers and graphic designers.
  •         Individual applications for large commercial companies. This includes global brands, retail chains, banking institutions, and other corporations. The development of such complex inventions can take at least six months, and a whole staff of specialists is trumpeting the creation. The cost of development reaches millions of dollars and, as a rule, cannot be less, than 100 thousand dollars.

Please note that the prices quoted above are approximate and cannot be used as a basis for bargaining or estimating. The figures are based on an analysis of the IT technology market.

Thus, on the basis of the described factors and average prices, each potential customer can better evaluate the expenditure side of the budget and draw up a detailed business plan for his future enterprise.


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