The Best Apps for Sports Lovers

Apps for Sports Lovers

Instead of an expensive gym membership and a long commute to your workout spot, use apps. They’ll save you time and money, and they’ll also let you try new things. Crossfit, work out on Cristiano Ronaldo’s program, or try yoga after work. And if you do it regularly, it won’t take long before you get results with Apps for Sports Lovers.


For those who don’t have much time for sports, but want to join a healthy lifestyle, the creators of the app developed a universal series of seven-minute exercises that are as easy as gambling at Cookie Casino. You don’t even need to go to the gym to keep yourself in shape. In the seven-month program, you can customize the level of difficulty, use a ready-made set of exercises or make up your own. The app has a status system and a community of like-minded people for extra motivation.

Track Yoga- Apps for Sports Lovers

The advantage of this app is that you can practice yoga anywhere: at home, in nature and even in the office (if, of course, there is a quiet and peaceful room where you can be alone with yourself for a few minutes).

Once you’ve installed the app, you need to specify your fitness level so that the app creates the best selection of classes for you.

The basic course that introduces you to the world of yoga is called Beginner’s Mind: Simple Yoga Exercises for Beginners. In 13 minutes, you’ll master all the basic asanas: hill, muzzle dog, plank, warrior pose, and so on. Many asanas are repeated throughout the class, flowing seamlessly into each other.

Zombies, Run!

Every person, when summer is approaching, begins to think about the need to get in shape and start exercising. Already after a few runs and exercises we get bored and want to quit. Many people listen to music while running for a change, or try to change the place where they do sports. British game developers have found another way to make your running fun and developed for this Zombies, Run.

The gameplay of this game consists of the fact that you need to get away from zombies, and you will do it on a special route in your town. You won’t be able to see the walking dead, but you will be able to hear them growling. The app uses GPS to track your movements. For the players, there are a lot of quests, in the course of which you can collect various objects. All achievements will be displayed on the smartphone screen. Among other things, while running with the help of brief inserts and radio conversations, you will discover the history of the world inhabited by the walking dead.


The principle of RunKeeper is based on the traditional for such fitness trackers – the program tracks your route via a GPS sensor, calculates your speed and the distance covered.

However, there is a useful function in the application, which is rarely seen in similar programs. In the settings, you can set the mileage of sports shoes. Here you need to specify the brand and model and enter the maximum number of kilometers. At a certain point, the smart app will warn you that the time of complete wear and tear is approaching, and the running shoes will need to be changed.


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