Top 10 Entertainment Destinations for 2022

Entertainment Destinations

Now when traveling is back on the menu for most, it’s the perfect time to start planning your vacation for 2022. Take this opportunity to visit somewhere fun and entertainment-oriented. This means different things for different tourists and Entertainment Destinations, however. 

Our list offers a variety of different destinations and regardless of your preferences, you’ll be able to find something that suits your interest and your needs. The destinations we recommend are great for gamblers, but also those looking for other forms of entertainment destinations  and art. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is often called the gambling capital of the world and there’s a reason why that’s the case. It’s the city that first comes to mind when you think of gambling, casinos, and having fun beneath the bright neon lights. All of that and more is what makes Vegas so attractive to tourists from all over the world. There’s a lot to see and do even if you’re not there to gamble since there are countless shows, concerts, and other entertainment options.

The Bahamas- Entertainment Destinations

The Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations out there for those who like a bit of adventure when they travel. It’s a beautiful destination with pristine and clear waters and beaches that also offers a variety of water sports and a rich clubbing scene. A variety of cruises that explore the area also offers the Bahamas as a part of their overall tour. 

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest captures the charm and aesthetic of the old world more than almost any other city in Europe. That’s why it’s so popular among tourists looking for a place to experience the baroque Europe of the past. Beyond that, there are also numerous clubs, restaurants, theaters, and other venues to keep you entertained beyond the history lesson. Hungary is also known for its wine regions that are just a quick drive away from the capital.

Burgundy, France

The region is most well known for the wine named after it. There are other reasons to visit this part of France, even if you’re not a wine enthusiast. The capital will host an International city of gastronomy and wine with an expansive complex of restaurants and wineries. Everyone interested in fine dining should visit and learn from the experience. The region also has some of the most beautiful scenery in France and is perfect for a more laid-back part of the visit to Europe. 

Crete, Greece

Greece was always one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists from all over the world. That’s because of its deep and rich history and the incredible beauty of its shores and beaches.  It’s the largest and most visited island in the Greek archipelago.  Crete is where you can find the blue rooftop that you’ve seen on Instagram posts, but it’s also home to some of the most amazing museums and art galleries in Greece. 

Doha, Qatar

Scientists and artists have always tried to imagine what the future will be like. Stepping into Doha always provides a sensation of stepping into the future, as it was imagined by those enthusiastic about technology. Doha is also home to one of the biggest art galleries in the world. The Museum of Islamic Art is a must-see for everyone coming to Qatar.  The country also has an amazing blend of Islamic culture, most noticeable in its cuisine. 

Finger Lakes, New York

Finger Lakes has been trying to make a name for itself in the realm of luxury travel for years now. It’s mostly paid off since the tourist offer is oriented towards high-end dining and hospitality. Five historic mansions located in the area are all preserved and turned into high-end hotels. The mansions overlook the beautiful Cayuga Lake. It also features a sauna and hydrotherapy pools. The lakes are also home to a variety of local festivals including an International Jazz Festival, happening in May. 

Ilha Caldeira, Mozambique

Mozambique is known for the efforts it undertook to protect its shoreline and keep it in pristine conditions. As much as 17 percent of Mozambique is in its coral reefs, beaches, and islands. The most notable destination in Mozambique is probably an eco-luxury resort, Banyan Tree.  The resort is rather secluded and it’s only accessible by helicopter or boat. It features 40 pools, and all of the villas on the island are completely solar-powered.  Most of the cuisine is fish-based and almost all restaurants on the island have a 270-degree view of the ocean. 

Kaunas, Lithuania- Entertainment Destinations

Kaunas isn’t a destination that you hear about often, but it’s a shame that’s the case. The city is chosen to be one of Europe’s capitals of culture in 2022 and it has a vibrant cultural offer. The festivities start in January and regardless of when you visit you’ll have something to do in Kaunas. The city also features a 1330-mile forest train across the Baltic. The overall look and aesthetic of Lithuania is an exciting mix of Eastern and Western influences playing out through the country’s rich history. 

Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai offers a rich and diverse experience for travelers coming to Hawaii. There are luxury resorts as well as wellness tours. There’s also a lot of emphasis on ecology and a green and sustainable approach to tourism and hospitality. A visit to Hawaii is also a chance to learn about the rich culture and history the local community has to offer.


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