Top 7 Reasons You Should Always Have Sunglasses on You

Always Have Sunglasses

You’ve seen the pictures: Michael Jordan rocking Ray-Bans courtside, Vladimir Putin posing in aviators with a horse, and many other celebrities lounging in Versace sunglasses. Summertime is synonymous with sunglasses. Considered by some an arm of style, others as a symbol of status or prestige, sunglasses happen to have many practical purposes. Protect your eyes from UV damage, get oxygen to your brain better and stay protected from snow blindness–sunglasses are an excellent investment! Following are the top reasons to have your sunglasses always on you:

  1. Protection from Elements

The eyes are particularly susceptible to damage from sunlight and wind, as they are exposed to the most extreme climates. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, you may be putting your eyes at risk for cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems related to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunlight bouncing off snow can cause corneal damage. Wind-borne snow can scratch the surface of your eyelids, causing eye irritation. Wearing sunglasses will protect against sunlight and wind,prescription sunglasses which can mean the difference between enjoying time outdoors and being in pain.

  1. Protection from Blue Light

Blue light, which is commonly emitted from our phones, tablets, computer screens and flat-screen TVs, is a form of high-energy visible light. Blue light penetrates through the cornea and reaches all the way back into your eyes. Because it has a very high energy level, it can damage cells in your retina responsible for distinguishing colours and fine details (photoreceptors).

Many people are not aware of the effects of blue light. Digital eye strain is a real issue that can cause discomfort and decrease productivity. Common symptoms include blurry vision, headaches or migraines and dry eyes. If you experience these symptoms while using your computer or other electronic devices at work or home, consider wearing computer glasses with yellow lenses to block out some blue light emitted from screens.

In addition, blue light can cause the retina to become damaged over time, potentially leading to macular degeneration — an irreversible and potentially blinding condition. You’re exposed to HEV light every day, so it’s essential to wear sunglasses outdoors and use blue-light-blocking glasses indoors.

  1. Make You Look Cool

If someone were to ask us how sunglasses make us feel, we’d probably say they immediately make us look cooler, especially if they’re aviators! Whether you’re trying to block out the sun or just make a fashion statement, sunglasses are always a great accessory that can instantly upgrade any outfit. The best part about sunglasses is that they’re super versatile. There are so many different shapes, styles, and colours, there’s a pair out there that will flatter your face shape and help you make a statement wherever you go.

  1. Provides More Functionality

Sight is the sense that lets us take in all of our surroundings. It helps us navigate, read signs, and appreciate the beauty of nature. Being able to see as clearly as possible is an integral part of staying safe and healthy. But for most people, the most robust light source they encounter daily comes from above. Wearing sunglasses that can improve your vision will make a big difference in the quality of your view.

They prevent your eyes from overexposure to bright light by cutting down on glare so that you can see better under any circumstances. If you’re driving in the middle of the day, they help you clearly see oncoming traffic. If you’re near a body of water on a sunny day when the water looks shimmering, sunglasses will help you see past its surface for a better look at what might be hiding under the water. (xanax)

  1. Promotes Recovery

After any type of eye surgery, it is essential to carefully follow your doctor’s instructions and care tips—one of the most important things you can do to protect your eyes after surgery is wearing sunglasses.

Generally, sunglasses will help shield your eyes from ultraviolet rays and other bright lights that can cause further damage during recovery. They may also prevent airborne allergens and debris from irritating the sensitive skin around your eye area. Your surgeon may give you specific advice about what kind of sunglasses are best for you after surgery — for example, wraparound frames provide extra protection from light entering from the side.

You should continue wearing sunglasses regularly once your eyes have fully healed. This is because UV rays can be damaging year-round and even on cloudy days and because sunlight reflects off snow in the wintertime.

  1. Protects from Getting Headaches

Anyone who has gotten a migraine from bright light or glare knows how uncomfortable it is. While there are many causes of migraines, light is one of the most common triggers that can cause the condition to occur. Those who suffer from migraines and bad headaches regularly should always carry their sunglasses with them if they need to put them on quickly when they begin to feel a migraine coming on.

Many people also experience migraines when travelling in a car, and the sunlight is shining directly into their eyes. Having your sunglasses with you is crucial for preventing this from happening.

  1. Avoid Sunburn on Your Under Eyes Area

The skin around your eyes is susceptible, so you know that you can easily get a sunburn on your face. But did you know that the sun can burn your eyes as well? Often referred to as photokeratitis, this condition is similar to sunburn on your eye’s surface and can cause pain, temporary vision loss, and sensitivity to light. Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays by wearing quality sunglasses effectively prevents this problem.

The Final Word

Whether you’re on a boat or hiking in the backcountry, wearing sunglasses is always a good idea. Whether you need prescription lenses, polarized lenses or just a solid pair to help protect your eyes from rays and keep them safe, sunglasses are an essential accessory that all outdoor enthusiasts should have. In addition to keeping you safe, sunglasses are also a great way to dress up your look in a quickly-changing and sometimes stressful work environment.


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