Urban VPN Review 2022 – The Best free VPN for PC?

Urban VPN Review

When it comes to features like unlimited bandwidth and streaming services unlocked, there are many paid VPN providers that provide these features. However, when a free VPN provider promises to provide these features for free, users often want to know if they are good or not. And Urban VPN is such a VPN provider that provides these types of premium features for free. That’s why we are going to review Urban VPN in this article.

So, if you are thinking of getting Urban VPN on your PC, or mobile, then read this review first. Below, we have described the features of this VPN provider along with the availability and pricing. We also have described the upsides and downsides of Urban VPN. So, just read this post completely if you need a complete overview of Urban VPN.

Urban VPN Overview

Bandwidth LimitUnlimited
AvailabilityWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Streaming or Torrent Supported?Yes
PricingFreemium (Free for Windows & Mac)

Urban VPN Review

Urban VPN is a VPN provider that claims a ‘free unlimited VPN’ for the users. It is a subsidiary of Urban Cyber Security and provides cyber security services.

When it comes to free VPNs for PC or mobiles, there are many VPN providers who provide free VPNs. However, when users use these types of VPNs, they often face connection issues, speed issues, limited locations, and other common issues with a free VPN.

The difference between Urban VPN and other free VPN providers is, Urban VPN is free from these limitations. So, even it’s a free VPN, Urban VPN claims to have various features that you get on a paid VPN app.

In terms of availability, this VPN is available for almost every popular device including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Chrome & Firefox. So, if you want to try out this VPN on your preferred device, you can get it for almost every operating system possible.

Urban VPN works on P2P technology. That means, it is a community-based VPN service where the users operate this VPN using P2P technology. And that’s the biggest limitation of Urban VPN. Because, when it comes to P2P VPN, the security of the VPN comes to question.

But, the good thing is, for mobile devices like Android and iPhone, it doesn’t use P2P technology. For mobile devices, Urban VPN isn’t actually free. You have to get a subscription to this VPN to use it on your Android or iOS device, protect your privacy online, or unblock Internet services with this VPN.

Other than that, you’ll get all the features that you can get with a VPN. It can unblock streaming services, websites, and apps on your preferred device. You can also use this VPN to hide your IP online, and protect your privacy. It’ll help you to protect your privacy when using a public Wi-fi connection as well.

Below, we have described the features of Urban Depth in-depth. So, you can go through the features, and know what are the things that you can do with it.

Urban VPN Features

Worldwide Servers

Urban VPN is an exceptional VPN that provides worldwide VPN servers that you can connect to. On this VPN, you’ll get various VPN servers located in every part of the world. There are VPN servers available in America, Asia, Europe, and all other locations are available. And the best part is, you don’t get locked servers in this VPN. So, you can connect to any VPN server you want.

Unlimited Bandwidth

There are very few VPNs that provide unlimited bandwidth for users. And Urban VPN is one of them. Urban VPN provides unlimited VPN for users. So, there’s no limit on using this VPN on your preferred device. You can use it as an unlimited VPN and do all the things.


When it comes to speed, it’s obvious that Urban VPN won’t provide speed like a paid VPN. However, the speed isn’t really bad either. You get fair speed on this VPN that is enough to browse and unblock websites, as well as do online browsing. For streaming, you probably won’t get good quality when using streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Here’s the speed test of Urban VPN that we did on Fast.com and Speedtest.net:

Internet Anonymity

The main feature of a VPN is hiding the IP of the users. And Urban VPN does that for you. It hides your real IP when you use this VPN for browsing the Internet. So, you can hide your IP and protect your privacy online.


When it comes to unblocking content on the Internet, Urban VPN does a lot. Because you can unblock any website you want that is blocked in your country or region. So, if you want to use a VPN to unblock websites or apps, you can do that easily without any issues.

However, when it comes to free VPN apps, most of them don’t unblock streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, Urban VPN has this feature. Because you can unblock various streaming services with the help of this VPN.

Public Wi-fi Protection

Another use of a VPN is to use it when you are using a public Wi-fi connection. If you often use the Wi-fi connection of a coffee shop or restaurant, then you should use a VPN before you connect to the Wi-fi. Because hackers can get into your device easily when using a public Wi-fi connection.

So, if you want to use public Wi-fi connection with Urban VPN, you can do that easily without any issues. This VPN provides public Wi-fi solution for the users. So, you can connect to any public Wi-fi without any issues.


This is another interesting feature of Urban VPN. Because, is a free VPN, this VPN is available for almost every platform. You can get it for your preferred device and use this VPN to browse the Internet anonymously.

  • Urban VPN for PC: For both Windows and Mac PC, this VPN is available. And you can download it from the Apple Mac Store, or from the website of Urban VPN for the Windows version.
  • Urban VPN for Chrome & Firefox: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two of the most used web browsers. And you’ll get Urban VPN as a browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox. So, if you don’t want to use it as Windows or Mac app, you can use the browser version of this VPN. And the browser version of Urban VPN is more reliable than the PC version.
  • Urban VPN for Android & iOS: For mobile devices like Android and iOS, this VPN is available as an app. So, you can get the Urban VPN app from Google Play Store, or Apple App store and use this VPN on your mobile devices. However, for mobile devices, Urban VPN is paid. We have described more about the pricing below.


Urban VPN Review

Urban VPN has a really simple and straightforward interface. All you see are the server locations in this VPN when you install it. So, you can connect to your preferred VPN server easily without any issues. Even there’s no need to sign-up when you install this VPN on your PC or browser for the first time. For mobiles, you need to subscribe to the subscription. So, sign-up is required.


This is another downside of the Urban VPN. Because you really don’t get any type of support with this VPN. As it is a user-driven VPN based on P2P, you don’t get dedicated support. So, if you face any issues when using this VPN, you have to solve them yourself.

Urban VPN Pricing

Here comes the interesting part. Although Urban VPN claims to be a free and unlimited VPN provider, the free version of this VPN is available for PC and Chrome Browser only.

So, if you want to use Urban VPN on your mobile devices like iOS and Android, you have to get a subscription.

Even for Mozilla Firefox, you can get a subscription to this VPN, and get some additional features.

The paid version cost of this VPN is described below.

  • 1-month: $3.49
  • 1-Year: $35.95
  • 3-Years: $53.65

So, you can either get the free or the paid version of this VPN according to your need.

Urban VPN Free vs Paid Plan

The main difference between the free version and the paid version of this VPN is the P2P connection.

In the free version of Urban VPN, you get a P2P VPN connection. So, it’s not as secure as it should be. Also, in the free version, Urban VPN might collect your data for their revenue.

With the paid version, these problems are solved. So, you’ll get a fast, reliable VPN with better security.

How to Setup Urban VPN?

Because of the interface, it is really easy to use Urban VPN on your device. This VPN provides a one-click VPN connection for the users. So, you can just install it on your preferred device, and use this VPN to connect to your favorite VPN server.

For Windows PC, Mac, sign-up is not required to use Urban VPN. However, if you are using a mobile device like Android or iOS, you need to sign-up and subscribe to their subscription to use Urban VPN on your device.

Below, we have described how you can get this VPN and use it to connect to the VPN server.

Urban VPN Review

  • First of all, download Urban VPN for your preferred device.
  • Open the VPN.
  • Now, choose your preferred VPN server and connect to it.

That’s it. Now, you can use Urban VPN on your device easily.

How to Protect Your Privacy with the free version of Urban VPN?

With the P2P or free version of Urban VPN, they might sell your data for their revenue. However, the interesting part is, you can opt-out of collecting your data from this VPN.

This will make sure that they don’t get your usage data and your privacy remains safe. To opt-out of the data collection, you can follow the below steps.

  • Open Urban VPN on your device.
  • Now, click on three dots from the right corner and click on the ‘About’ option.
  • Then, click on the ‘Opt-out from data sharing option.

That’s it. Now, browse the Internet with Urban VPN without worrying about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is Urban VPN Legit?

Yes. Urban VPN is a legit VPN provider that provides both free and paid VPN services for its users. You can even use the free version of this VPN and unblock websites or streaming platforms.

Can I unblock Netflix with Urban VPN?

Urban VPN claims to unblock streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video. However, as it is a free VPN, you might face issues with this VPN when streaming. So, for streaming, this VPN is not recommended.

Is Urban VPN completely free?

For PC, it’s a free VPN app. However, if you want to use Urban VPN on your mobile device or in Mozilla Firefox, then you have to get a subscription to this VPN. For mobile devices, it is not a free VPN app.

Is Urban VPN Chienese?

Urban VPN is a product of Urban cyber security. However, there’s not much about this company available. So, it’s not sure if it’s a Chinese VPN or not. However, this VPN has Chinese VPN servers as well.

Does Urban VPN hide IP addresses?

Yes, Urban VPN hides your IP address when connected to a VPN server on this VPN. So, if you want to hide your real IP, and protect your privacy online, you can use this VPN to do that easily.

Urban VPN Pros & Cons

What we Liked
  • Free VPN for PC
  • Wide range of servers
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Unblocks websites, streaming services
  • Simple and easy UI
What we didn't Like
  • The Mobile version is paid
  • Free version uses P2P technology
  • Not transparent about security

Urban VPN Review – Is it a Good Choice in 2022?

Well, here comes the main part. If you ask me if you should get Urban VPN or not, then my suggestion would be to use the free version of this VPN. The free version of Urban VPN, which is available for PC as well as for Google Chrome web browser, is good enough than other free VPN providers.

However, if you want to get the paid version of this VPN for your mobile device or Mozilla Firefox, you should think about it. Because there are many popular paid VPN providers are available who provide better features, and security than Urban VPN. So, it’s your choice to get a subscription to this VPN.

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