What Is A GPS Tracker & Why Do I Need One?

GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are extremely popular for a lot of reasons, but what is a GPS tracker? It’s actually simpler than you think, being that we use GPS in some way every single day. But

what is a GPS tracker, like from Rewire Security, exactly used for?

You’d be surprised how many businesses, companies, and even just regular everyday citizens use GPS trackers. If you’d like to learn more about what a GPS tracker is, then continue reading this article. 

What Is A GPS Tracker?

GPS tracking systems come in a lot of different types of devices, where you can track a variety of things, such as vehicles, things, pets, and sometimes people. 

The way that GPS trackers work is through satellites in outer space, which transfer signals and data to your device down below, as to where you planted your tracker on the item or object. There are general instructions involved and most GPS trackers come with an app that you can download to view things easier.

The best part about GPS trackers, is they work without the internet, it is totally independent of anything related to WiFi or Cellular data connection. The way it receives and sends out its data is from radio waves.

It’s important to note that when the two words, GPS and tracker, are separate, they don’t mean the same thing. Alone, GPS means a way to help people get to and from places easier, while trackers involve a person or thing being tracked within a certain distance. 

Together, a GPS tracker becomes a truly powerful and a really great way to keep tabs on a lot of different variables.

What Is A GPS Tracker Used For In Businesses?

A GPS tracking system is the best way to help businesses and companies ensure that nobody is doing the wrong thing, or wasting any of the company’s time. 

A lot of businesses, like fleet businesses, use GPS-tracking systems like CameraMatics to be able to track employees during their routes, whether they’re stopping too much, speeding, or if they’re delivering things later than they should be.. Delivery and shipping diagnostics are registered this way.

If you’re a business having issues with vehicles and people using too much fuel during their planned routes, then having a GPS tracker, like from Rewire Security, can be one of the best ways to monitor this, and see why that’s the case, changing delivery routes if necessary. 

Sometimes vehicles go missing or aren’t returned properly. Sometimes company or business vehicles get stolen, and there’s no way of being able to find them. That is until GPS trackers are installed and the police are easily able to find reportedly stolen vehicles, and for you to know exactly where they are at all times.  

Having a GPS tracker attached to business vehicles, especially if you’re a business allowing employees to use company vehicles, the logistics, and data that follow through to your device are how you can maximize productivity and minimize delays from employees when working their shifts. 

What Is A GPS Tracker Used For Children Or Ederly For?

Believe it or not, but you’re actually able to track people with GPS trackers if you attach it to their belongings, such as a bag, coat, or jacket. Of course, this is only legal if they are either aware of it, or are under the age of 18.

The reason that you might actually be wanting to track someone in the first place is for a number of reasons. Sometimes the elderly need extra help or get lost and wander off a lot, so knowing where they are at all times is important for not just their safety, but others too.

Perhaps they are not allowed to be driving or have severe health conditions that prevent them from doing regular tasks like other people. Such as heart conditions or dementia. Needing to know where they are is extremely important during these times. 

Now children on the other hand have a similar need to be tracked when it comes to wandering off, but some parents like to track their children in order to know where they are at all times. This is especially so if they walk to and from school, or catch public transport frequently. 

Having your child be fitted with a GPS tracker into one of their belongings is important to prevent kidnapping, getting lost, or any other issues that might happen without the parent’s knowledge. 

Final Thoughts

A fun fact about what a GPS tracker is like from Rewire Security, and how they work, is that they are completely un-reliant on the internet, and in actuality, the way the GPS tracker receives and sends out its data, is from radio waves.

As long as the person you’re tracking is below the age of 18 or aware that they have a tracker attached to them, then it is fully legal to track a person, whether it be an adult or child.


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