What Is a JPG File?

JPG File

When it comes to uploading pictures to online platforms, the JPG is king. Almost everyone has seen a JPG, but have you ever found yourself asking just what is a JPG? The inner workings of picture files can be complicated and difficult to understand at first.

But they can also be really simple! Keep reading below to learn the ins and outs of this common file type. Looking for a tool that can help you convert jpg to pdf, use sodapdf.com

So What Is a JPG?

The JPG or Joint Photographic Experts Group file is a digital image file. It is a common file type that can be found all over the internet. It is also an accessible file type that can be opened on nearly any electronic device.

JPGs are the go-to image for online posting or print media. This is due to them having a relatively small file size while still maintaining a quality image. There is a good chance that every photo you see on Facebook or Twitter is in fact a JPG.

If you are a photographer be aware that devices like cell phones and quick shot digital cameras will automatically save images as JPG files. Higher-end equipment like DSLR cameras will save in different file types. Every file type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Different Image files

There are dozens of image files types around, and hundreds of subsets within them. While online content creators and domains have worked to consolidate the playing field, there are still some variants that you will encounter. The top three being the RAW, PNG, and JPG Files.

RAW files are your ultra high resolution, fresh from the photoshoot image files. RAW files are uncompressed and therefore cannot be printed or edited in most image processing software. RAW files must be converted to a different file type for use.

A PNG is your first step in the downscale conversion process. These high-fidelity images retain the bulk of your RAW file data while allowing you to edit and alter the image. PNG files are often too large to upload to online sites.

JPGs are your final step in the downscale process. Once you have a JPG, you have a finished item. They are the print-ready, postable product that you have worked hard to create.

File Conversion Made Easy

If you are looking to post an image you have created, and find that it is not a JPG, file conversion is the way to go. Depending on your starting file type, you may be able to make the conversion in the software where you do your video editing. There are also programs designed specifically to Convert png to jpg files.

Everything You Need to Know About JPGs

Saving your images as JPG files is a great way to have high-quality, shareable images for whatever you need. Having the answer to what is a JPG makes sharing your online content fast and easy. Use your knowledge of image file types to share your creativity with the world.

And to learn more about file types and which ones are best for you, just keep reading our website here!


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